Shore Temple Mahabalipuram and the legend of “Seven Pagodas”

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram and the legend of “Seven Pagodas” – Friends Mahabalipuram, a smal town 60Kms from Chennai is a very historical town. A town which finds its mention in almost all the travel books of the travellers of that time.

Mahabalipuram’s original name is Mamallapuram .

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And the Mamallapuram Shore Temple was built during the reign of Pallavan monarch Rajasimha/Narasimhavarman II, and it is the earliest significant structural temple in South India.

But do you know that in ancient times all the travellers refered to these temples as the ” Seven Pagodas of Mamallapuram :

Shore temple Mahabalipuram

Hiuen Tsang ( 7th century CE ) mentioned about this place and also mentioned that this city had a very big sea port.

Marco Polo in his travel diary mentioned about “Seven Pagodas of Mamallapuram ” a name which stuck to the cluster of the Shore temples among the European traders and cartographers as well. In 1375 me , in the Catalan Atlas Abraham Cresques also called this as the “Seven Pagodas”

So this menas that there must have been seven temples around this area.. but today we see ony one , what happed to others ?

People say that 2004 after tusnami water receeded by many kms and people noticed the remains of temples below sea level

Now how other temples got lost in the water, is a topic of research, but you can understand how grand these temples would have been that they find their mention in travel records of every travellers of that time.

So these temple would definitely had been a great attractin of those time and this shore temple is a great toursit attractino today Temple are architecture is just amazing ..

How to reach Shore temple Mahabaplipuram:

The temple is around 60Kms from Chennai and 350 Kms from Bangalore.

From Bangalore it takes aoround 7 to 8 hours to reach Mahabalipuram and the temple.

The roads are very good throughout with lots of food options on the way.

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0 to 50 Kms 1 Day Bangalore/Bengaluru

Bangalore Palace – A must visit place in Bangalore

Bangalore Palace is a royal palace in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, built on land originally owned by Rev. J. Garrett, the first principal of Bangalore’s Central High School, now known as Central College.

He is credited with starting the palace’s construction.

Today Bangalore palace is under the ownership of the Mysore Royal Family.

Quick facts about Bangalore palace

Location Near Mount Carmel Institute of Management, Palace Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052
Timings10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Entry Fee₹ 250 for Indians; ₹ 450 for foreigners
CameraDifferent rates for Video camera / Still Camera or any other recording device. Please check at the gate.
Nearest Metro StationSampige Road (on Green Line); Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha, and Sir M Visveshwarya (on Purple Line)
Year of Establishment1874
Commissioned byWadiyar Dynasty
Architectural StyleTudor Revival style

Best Time to Visit Bangalore Palace :

You can visit Bangalore any time. Bangalore has one of the best weather in India and hence can be visited any time of the year.

You can visit Bangalore palace any time of the year.

Going in winter is better though as Bangalore weathe is very very pleasent during that time.

How reach Bangalore Palace?

In the centre of Bangalore’s metropolis, the Palace is located. It is in the Vasanth Nagar district, near Mount Carmel Institute of Management.

You can reach Bangalore palace by BMTC Buses 287, 287B, 287C, 287D, and 287E, which run from the central Bus terminal.

You can also book a private cab or take an auto rickshaw.

Bangalore Palace Architecture

The palace’s architecture is Tudor in style. Its 454-acre complex, which includes the garden, is the largest in the world.

The interior of the palace is decorated with themes, cornices, and wooden carvings. Many of the physical elements within were imported from the United Kingdom.

The coat of arms, a gift from the British to the Wadiyars, is painted in red and white on the wall. It is decorated with mythological elements and an exquisite flower design.

In the centre is Ganda Bherunda, a mythological two-headed eagle, while on the other side is a mythological animal with features of both the elephant and the lion’s heads, symbolising royalty and dominance.

The two-level granite castle’s fortified towers, turreted walls, palace gardens, ballroom, and other architectural aspects of Tudor and Scottish architecture are only a few of the palace’s eye-catching characteristics.

Tourists are greeted with Roman arches at the entrance. The roof is adorned with relief paintings, while the furniture inside the palace is influenced by Victorian, neo-classical, and Edwardian styles.

The palace features 35 rooms, as well as an open courtyard on the bottom floor with granite chairs and brilliant blue ceramic tiles.

The most important part of the Bangalore Palace is the Durbar Hall, which is located on the first floor. In the Hall, there is a massive elephant head.

On one side, it also contains stained glass windows that are influenced by Gothic architecture. Yellow is a prominent hue on the walls.

The hallway’s sofa set is the same colour as the rest of the space. A screen on the other end of the room separates the area where the women sat to view the assembly procedures from the rest of the room.

The Bangalore Palace houses many notable paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Among them is Raja Ravi Varma, India’s most famous painter. A large collection of images depicting many generations of the great Wadiyar Dynasty is another appealing feature of the palace.

These also provide insight into Bangalore’s evolution throughout time.
Everything in this room is designed in an arch-deco style.

Cool facts about Bangalore Palace

  • There are as many as 30,000 photos in the palace’s collection.
  • The Eddfest concert by Iron Maiden, which was held in the Palace Grounds in 2007, was one of the largest paying concerts ever held in India.
    • More than 38,000 people attended the concert, with another 4,000 watching from outside the venue’s perimeter without tickets.
  • In September 2011, Jay Sean, Flo Rida, and Ludacris played at the Champions League T20 opening ceremony at the Palace Grounds.
  • Metallica, a well-known American heavy metal band, played in the Palace Grounds on October 30, 2011.
    • It was their very first success in India. It also turned out to be the last music concert held on these grounds, as the state government no longer grants permission for such activities.

Attractions at the palace

There are many attractions at the palace which you will like and cherish. The following are some of the sights to see at Bangalore Palace:

  • The Durbar Hall and the Ballroom are must visit with in the palace.
  • The Palace Grounds are a wide open area that surrounds the palace and is a must visit
  • Inside the Palace Grounds is Fun World, an amusement park.

Top tourist places near Bangalore Palace

AttractionDistance from Bangalore Palace
Mary’s Basilica 2.8 Kms
Vidhana Soudha 2.8 Kms
Ulsoor Lake 4 Kms
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum 4.7 Kms
Cubbon Park 3.4 Kms
Venkatappa Art Gallery 4.6 Kms
Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens 7.5 Kms
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium 2 Km
Commercial Street 4 Kms
National Gallery of Modern Art 1.9 Km
Sankey Tank 2.8 Kms
Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace 8 Kms

Bangalore Palace, with its gorgeous architecture and grandeur, is one of the top locations to see in Bangalore.

The palace is not only a major tourist site in the area, but it is also a must-see for art aficionados, since it includes a number of notable artworks from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The palace’s large collection of Raja Ravi Varma’s masterpieces is another major draw. There are also photographs depicting the Wadiyar Dynasty’s various generations.

Bangalore Palace will send you back in time to a time when luxury was a way of life, thanks to its architecture and regal magnificence. Apart from this palace, Bangalore has a variety of other historical sites worth visiting. On your visit to the Garden City, make sure to see at least some of these attractions.

Frequently ask question

Is Bangalore Palace worth visiting?

The answer is yes, the Bangalore Palace is the Crown Jewel of Bangalore and is worth the visit. The humongous Bangalore Palace is an epitome of medieval British architecture from late 19th century.

Rev. Garrett, the first principal of Central High School, commissioned the Bangalore Palace in 1864. The building was finished in 1884. British officials who were in charge of Prince HH Chamaraja Wodeyar’s education brought the palace in 1873. This transaction was completed for INR 40000. It was then renovated to enhance its appearance. The interior was lavishly decorated with cornices and relief paintings on the ceilings, floral designs, and extensive wooden carvings. Lazarus and John Roberts provided furniture in the neo-classical, Edwardian, and Victorian styles. Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel, a horticulturist, took over the palace’s gardens

After 100 years, the royal family regained control of the palace to two companies. Chamundi Hotels Private Limited received 110 acres of the palace’s total 454 acres (including the ground), while Sri Venkateswara Real Estate Enterprises Private Limited received 344 acres. However, the act of granting possession to these companies remains a mystery because the companies were not incorporated until 1970, making it a fraudulent transaction for which Maharaja’s son Srikanta Datta Narsimharaja Wadiyar filed a civil suit.

During the period of this legal battle, Srikanta divided the land among his five sisters. Exhibitions, weddings, rock shows, tennis matches, cricket marches, and horse academies are all held here today. After winning the suit, the prince received his potion back, with the exception of 45 acres, which remained with the Chamaraju Party.

1 Day 100 to 200 Kms Bangalore/Bengaluru Karnatka Mysore

Brindavan Gardens Mysore Pictures – a visual treat during day time!

Vrindavan Gardens Mysore Pictures – If living in Bangalore, you should have visited Mysore at some point of time. I have visited many a times. This weekend was no different. We planned for Mysore as usual.

This weekend something different happened. Vrindavan Gardens is famous for its light shows and hundreds of people visit it after evening. We visited it during day and this is what we see. It is a real treat to eyes!

Brindavan Gardens Mysore Pictures

So let us look at some pics – The garden just before the dam. How beautiful is this. Location to many movie shoots! – Another view of the gardens just before the dam.

The beautiful fountiain in the pictures…

This water body looks just amazing!

Fountains every where!

Hope you liked it!

Quick info on Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens lies around 12 Kms from Mysore and around 173 Kms from Bangalore. It is adjoining the Krishnarajasagara Dam which is built across the Kaveri river

Brindavan Gardens are one of the major attraction of Mysore city. It is actually in Srirangapattana which is just before Mysore. Srirangapattna itself is a very important tourist and religious destination.

This is one of the best maintained gardens I have seen and is visited by thousands of tourists everyday.

Light and sound show brindavan garden mysore

Genrally people visit this garden in the evening because it is famous for light and sound show. But when you visit the gardens in the evening you really miss out on some of the beautiful natural sights around the garden.

We visited in the day and the photos turned out to be amazing.

Hope you liked it as well!


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Yelagiri Hills – A perfect one day weekend trip from Bangalore

Yelagiri Hills : If you are looking for a one day or a 2 day weekend trip from Bangalore, Yelagiri Hills can be a v ery good option for a one day trip with family and friends.

Today I will share my 1 day itinerary from bangalore to Yelagiri Hills.

Yelagiri Hills is a small hill station in Tamil Nadu and is on Bangalore Chennai route. It is not very far from Bangalore and is approximately 130 to 140 Kms from Bangalore and can be covered in a single day.

If you have more than one day in hand then this can difinitely be a very relaxing trip.

However if you are travelling from chennai, then this will definitely need a 2 days of time.

So quick facts before you start

  1. Distance
    • From Bangalore = Approx 140 Kms , Time taken 2 to 3 hours one way
    • Distance from Chennai = Approx 230 Kms, TIme taken 5 to 7 hours one way
  2. Road Condition : Very good throughout. Both from Bangalore and Chennai.
  3. Food: Many options on the way and also in Yelagiri
  4. Time needed for Visit: Minimum 1 day. 2 would be better.
  5. What you can do: Sight seeing / Nature
  6. Transportation with in City: Mostly taxis or autorikshaw.  Or your own vehicle if you are comfortable driving over the hills. Not very steep climbs as such

Must visit places on Yelagiri Hills

From my perspective these are 5 must visit places in Yelagiri

#1 Nature Park

This is a beautiful park. Quite big one. If you have visited Kodaikonal or ooty you would have seen botanical gardens. this is something similar to that.

so you are going to like that. If you have parents and other elderly people travelling with you, they will definitely enjoy this place a lot.

And kids like it too as this has lot of place for them to run and roll. This is a must visit place.

#2 Moksha Temple and Nilavoor Lake

This is another good spot. The temple is just next to the lake so both can be covered together. You can sepnd some good time around the lake.

Visit the temple first and then spend some 1 to 2 around aroud the lake. A nice experience it will be.

#3 Murgan Temple

Then you can head to Murgan temple. This is one of the most popular temples in Yelagiri Hills. Situated on a small hill top this temple offers a nice view of the city.

Dedicated to lord Murgan, the temple is a must visit if you are in Yelagiri.

#4 Funedra Park

If you love birds and if you are travelling with kids, this is a must visit place.

Birds are not caged and they really come near you. You can feed the birds. Wonderfull place.

#5 Yelagiri Lake ( also called as Puganoor Lake )

And this is last in my list of must visit places in Yelagiri. This is a beautiful lake and have boating options.

Next to the lake there are some rides which kids can enjoy a lot and also around the lake there are lot of shopping options where you can buy some locally made choclates, spices, honey etc.

And if you love fish there are hotels around where you can get some good fish dishes.

Then there are some other places as well which you can visit if you have more time in hand.

Yelagiri Hills video

In a hurry. May be this video will be helpful

In the video you will find:

  • Must visit places in Yelagiri
  • Tips on the route to yelagiri
  • Nature park
  • Moksha Temple & Nilavoor Lake
  • Fundera Park
  • Murgan Temple
  • Yelagiri Lake
  • And other places to see in yelagiri if you have more than a day in hand

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1 Day 50 to 100 Kms Adventure / Trekking Bangalore Bangalore/Bengaluru Family outing Karnatka Religious

SRS Hills – Q Mango Forest Resort – Lake & Mango Forest – A perfect one day trip from Bangalore

SRS Hills which is around 70Kms from Bangalore is a nice one day trip which you can do with family and friends.

If you live in Bangalore SRS Hills is one of places you should give it a try as a one day weekend trips which you can enjoy with family and friends.

One of the lesser known places around bangalore, SRS Hills is an important pilgrimage center of the region.

Also called as Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta hills. Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta hills is famed for its arduous rock climbing spots and Siddheshwar temple.

On the entire hill, there are three temples namely Sri Revana Siddeshwara temple, Bheemeshwara and Renukamba temple that offer tranquil environs to the devotees.

You can watch the video here:

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0 to 50 Kms 1 Day Adventure / Trekking Bangalore/Bengaluru Family outing Religious

A one day Trip to Bannerghatta – Temple, Trekking and Zoo – Lots to see

If you live in Bangalore, you must have heard of Bannerghatta National Park. One of the best places for kids! It is a very good and wonderful place to visit over the weekend with family and friends.

But do you know that there are 3 other places which are of immesne religious importance but also offer a nice treakking options which kids can enjoy as well.

What else it also offers you to see a very small but a pre-historic spot.

Let me take you to a one day trip to Banerghatta. This detailed itineary will make your weekend worth a visit to Bannerghatta.

In a hurry? Watch this video

So let me tell you what I am talking about and what you will see in Bannerghatta.

1) A visit to Champak Dham Swamy temple
2) A climb to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple
3) A trek to Suvarnamukhi Temple
4) Visit to Baneghatta Zoo and Safari

So the day will start from

  • a visit to Shri Champak Dham Swamy temple.
  • Then you will climb to visit Shri Narashimha Swamy temple and
  • then you will trek to SuvarnaMukhi Temple & Kalyani
  • and then back to Zoo and Safari

Banerghatta is not very far from Bangalaore city, but depends on where you live.

One Day Trip to Bannerghatta – itinerary

My recommendation as always is to start early, but in this case you can leave by 7.00 AM but earlier is better ..

So start by 7.00 , and any part of bangalore you live, you will not take more than an hour to reach the the first spot and that is champak dham swamy temple

So by 8.00 you reach champak dham swamy temple, you can put champak dham sway devasthan or the google map.

You need 30 mins to visit this temple.

Note that this temple ws established by Janmajeya who was the great gradson of Pandavaas . So you see how old this temple is.

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu this temple is a must visit.

It is said that the story of Janmajeya getting rid of Sarp Dosha is associated with this place and Janmajeya established the shivalinga here after getting rid of srpadpsha.

So as soon you come out of main temple on the left hand side of the temple premises you will find a gate or you come out of main gate of the temple, you will see a way goig up on the left hand side.

This will lead you to our next stop and that is Shri Narashimha Swamy temple
So you need to climb arounud 150 to 200 steps not very steep, you can easyly climn and the will need around 20 to 30 mins for that.

So by 8.30 if you start by 9.00 you will reach there. The temple at tjhe top of hill is Lord Narashimha temple.

You just need 15 mins here. Take lords blessing and then come out and enjoy the view of the city from the top s you can see.

By 9.15 you start trekkiing for Suvarana Kalyani and anjaneya temple.

Now this is interesting part. It arond 2 Kms, you will see a kacha road going down from behind the Lord Narashimha temple.

Take that road, follow the electirc poles. It goes via jungle and hence recommended to go early, dont keep this for eveing so stick to my this itenary. it is going to be a nice experience. will take around 30 mins.

On the way you will see a white maze ind of structure .. this is said to be pre-historic.
So you are seeing something which was made thousand of years ago
You will also see a DOlmen which is again preshotoric.

Now people just cross this as go, but if you know abput it, then you wil definitely appreciae it.
Any way keep walking and around 500 meter froim this prehsitoric structure you will see the Suvarna kalyani.

so reach there by 9.45 and you can spend around an hour here. there is anjaneya temple and devi temple and few other old temples. But the kalyana or the pond is of great significance.

This is the pond where janmejaya, the grand son of [andavas took bath and got rid of sarpadosha and also got a golden body it is said that he established the shivinga at the champak dham swamy after that it is also said thet the pond water has medicinal properties and can cure many skin deseases.

You will see people bathing in the pond.
Another interesrig fact is that the ponds surface, rock at the bottom, is engraved with the image of Lord Hanuman , once a year this pond is emptied and lord is worshipped and then the pond is again filled with water.

The Pushkarini, Kalyani or pond is emptied once an year so that the

So this is a great palce to visit . Spend some 1 hr here and by 10.45 start back by 11.45 reach the champak dham swamy parking lot and you can start for annerghatta national park and Zoo.

It takes ahrdly 10 mins to reach there . so reach zoo by 12..00 PM

Spend some 3 to 4 hours at the zoo and then return back to bangalore.
Do not forget to visit the butterfly park and Lion Safari.

Remember , Loin safari tickets are closed by 3.00 PM so you can plan for lion safari first, then come back and enjoy a stroll in the zoo.

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1 Day 2 Days 200 to 500 Kms Delhi/NCR Family outing Jaipur Rajasthan

Top 10 places to visit in Jaipur

Top ten places to visit in Jaipur – Jаipur, Indiа is onе of thе most populаr tourist dеstinаtions. It is а city bustling with аctivity, bright, vivid colors аll аround аnd thе hеаrt of thе аnciеnt Rаjput dynаsty.

Jаipur tеаsеs а mеmorаblе journеy through its pаst monumеnts аnd prеsеnt spеctаclеs. If you аrе in Jаipur, hеrе аrе tеn plаcеs thаt аrе must-sее.

Jаipur is cаllеd “Pink City” of India. Jаipur is fаmous for its uniquе bеаuty, mаgnificеnt аrchitеcturе аnd royаl history.

Bеcаusе of thе inviting pаlаcеs, еxciting cаmеl/еlеphаnt ridеs, vibrаnt Rаjаsthаni culturе, аnd dеlicious food, Jаipur tаkеs us in а timе mаchinе from аn old-fаshionеd journеy in which thе King usеd to sit аnd in todаy to thе 21st cеntury.

Jаipur is а city thаt hаs аttrаctеd tourists from аround thе world with its аurа, bеаuty аnd glittеr. You cаn lеаrn аbout Rаjаsthаn’s culturе, lifеstylе аnd folklorе by coming hеrе.

Dеlhi, Аgrа аnd Jаipur аrе considеrеd to bе thе Goldеn Triаnglе (tourism triаnglе) of thе tourism in this rеgion of Indiа and a lot forеign tourists visit these places together.

Locаtеd in thе mountаins of Аrаvаli, Jаipur is bеаutifully dеcorаtеd with bеаutiful hills аnd lаkеs, аnd glorious forts likе Аmbеr Pаlаcе, Nаhаrgаrh аnd Jаigаd Fort dеcorаtе this.

Thе old “Wаllеd City” is known for its nаrrow strееts, pink shops аnd buildings such аs thе Hаwа Mаhаl, City Pаlаcе, аnd Jаntаr Mаntаr. Thеsе аrе thе sаmе strееts thаt аttrаct tourists from аll ovеr thе world for thеir swееts, snаcks аnd shopping.

In a hurry? Watch this video:

My list of top ten places to visit in Jaipur

1. Thе City Pаlаcе

This is number one in my list of top ten places to visit in Jaipur. City Pаlаcе is аn influеntiаl group of yаrds, gаrdеns аnd buildings thаt еxist in thе old “Wollеd City”. This wаs thе sеаt of thе Mаhаrаjа of Jаipur, hеаd of Kаchchwа Rаjput Dynаsty.

front elevation of city palace

Image source

City Pаlаcе is onе of thе most fаmous tourist аttrаctions in Jаipur аnd onе of thе mаin lаndmаrks. It wаs built by Sаwаi Jаi Singh bеtwееn 1729 аnd 1732 АD.

City Pаlаcе is thе mаin rеsidеncе of Jаipur’s Rаj Bhаvаn, аlthough а pаrt of thе pаlаcе is currеntly а musеum. Thе mаgnificеnt building of thе City Pаlаcе is а uniquе modеl of Mughаl аnd Rаjput аrchitеcturе.

Thе prеmisеs of this pаlаcе includе

  • Chаndrа Mаhаl,
  • Mubаrаk Mаhаl,
  • Quееn’s Pаlаcе,
  • Shri Govind Dеv Tеmplе,
  • Diwаn-i-Khаs,
  • Diwаn-i-Ааm,
  • Pritаm Niwаs Chowk аnd
  • City Pаlаcе Musеum.

2. Thе Jаntаr Mаntаr Obsеrvаtory

This еnginееring mаrvеl is а UNЕSCO World Hеritаgе sitе built in 1738 by onе of Rаjаsthаn’s smаrtеst kings, Mаhаrаjа Sаwаi Jаi Singh. It is homе to stonе аnd brаss аstronomicаl instrumеnts еvеr mаdе in thеir cаtеgoriеs.

Its fourtееn gеomеtric dеvicеs cаn mеаsurе phеnomеnа such аs еclipsеs, timе аnd stаr obsеrvаtion. It is onе of thе top tourist dеstinаtions of Jаipur City.

image source

This monumеnt is thе lаrgеst of thе fivе аstronomicаl obsеrvаtoriеs prеsеnt in Indiа. It wаs constructеd by King Sаwаi Jаi Singh in 1727-1733.

This nаmе hаs bееn tаkеn from thе Sаnskrit mаntrа, which mеаns ‘mеаns of cаlculаtion’. In 2010, it wаs аddеd to thе list of UNЕSCO World Hеritаgе Sitеs of Indiа.

This obsеrvаtory hаs а ninеtееn mаchinе mаdе of stonе аnd bronzе. Duе to thе clеvеr dеsign аnd аrrаngеmеnt of thеsе dеvicеs, supеrvisors cаn guеss thе position of hеаvеnly bodiеs with thеir еyеs.

3. Аlbеrt Hаll Musеum

Thе oldеst musеum of Rаjаsthаn cаn bе found insidе thе ‘Ram Niwаs Gаrdеn.’ Its bеаutifully cаrvеd structurеs аrе mаdе from pink sаndstonе.

Thе vаst collеctions of pаintings, jеwеlry аnd wood crаfts from mаny Rаjаsthаn tribеs. Thе musеum is а must-visit for historiаns аnd аrt еnthusiаsts.

4. Jаipur Zoo

Thе crocodilе brееding аrеа in thе Jаipur Zoologicаl Gаrdеn is vеry populаr with kids аnd fаmiliеs.

You cаn find mаny spеciеs of еxotic birds аnd thе wildlifе of Jаipur. Jаipur Zoo is thе pеrfеct plаcе to spеnd а pеаcеful picnic dаy in nаturаl grееnеry.

5. Jаl Mаhаl

Usuаlly dubbеd аs thе ‘Wаtеr Pаlаcе”, it is onе of thе most photogrаphеd sitеs in Jаipur. Built in thе 1700s on thе Mаn Sаgаr Lаkе, thе pаlаcе tеrrаcе gаrdеns, its forts, аnd tеmplеs offеr brеаthtаking viеws of nаturе’s goodnеss.

Visit in thе еvеning to sее thе Wаtеr Pаlаcе to sее thе bеаutiful pаlаcе bаthеd in floodlights with аn аmаzing аquаtic rеflеction. Right out of а fаiry tаlе, this mystеrious pаlаcе floаting on wаtеr is onе of thе prominеnt tourist аttrаctions in Jаipur.

image source

Аs thе nаmе suggеsts, this Mаhаl on Jаl is situаtеd right in thе middlе of Mаn Sаgаr Lаkе. Floаting on thе mаjеstic bluе lаkе, this finе еxаmplе of Rаjputаnа аrchitеcturе аctuаlly hаs four submеrgеd lеvеls undеr thе wаtеr’s surfаcе.

This bеаutiful structurе bеcomеs еvеn morе stunning а plаcе to visit in Jаipur аt night.

6. Kаnаk Vrindаvаn Gаrdеn

This bеаutiful gаrdеn is bordеrеd by thе Аrаvаli rаngе of hills. It is fаmous for аppеаring in Bollywood blockbustеr moviе, Lаmhе.

Idеаl for fаmily vаcаtions аnd idol worshippеrs, its lаwns аnd fountаins sеt thе mood for finding pеаcе with nаturе.

7. Sisodiа Rаni Gаrdеn

Thе gаrdеn wаs а gift by King Sаwаi Mаnn Singh II to his wifе. Its bеаutiful grееnеry аnd murаls аrе tributеs to thе Rаdhа-Krishnа, а symbol of undying lovе in Hindu mythology.

You’ll sее pаintеd pаvilions, multi-lеvеl fountаins, wаtеrcoursеs, аnd gаllеriеs sеt in а nаturаl еnvironmеnt.

8. elefunenjoy

This is in my list of Top ten places to visit in Jaipur for a reason.

This place in Jаipur offеrs а 16th-cеntury еlеphаnt fаrm whеrе you cаn hаvе fun аctivitiеs likе еlеphаnt riding, picnics, wаtеr pools аnd а junglе tour on еlеphаnt bаck.

Plаy with thеsе grеаt giаnts, pаint with thеm аnd fееd thеm. Аdd somе dеlicious homе-cookеd Rаjаsthаn mеаl to top it off.

You can visit there website for more information – click here

9. Jаigаrh Fort

Jаigаrh Fort is аlso known аs thе victory fort.

image source

Worthy sightsееing spots in аnd аround thе fort includе thе Munitions storе with аn еxtеnsivе collеction of аnciеnt wеаpons аnd wаr dеvicеs, thе Lаkshmi Vilаs Pаlаcе with its gorgеous bluе wаll pаintings аnd littlе royаl thеаtеr.

10. Hаwа Mаhаl

Thе еxclusivе аnd most populаr tourist dеstinаtion of Jаipur, thе Hаwа Mаhаl is аn еxtrаordinаry building mаdе of rеd аnd pink sаndstonе.

This fivе-storеy building wаs constructеd by Mаhаrаjа Sаwаi Prаtаp Singh in 1799. Thе nаmе of thе Hаwа Mаhаl hаs bееn tаkеn from its uniquе structurе.

Thеrе is а nеtwork of mаny smаll windows in this building, from which thе cold wind еntеrs thе pаlаcе аnd during thе summеr months thе pаlаcе kееps thе pаlаcе cool аnd plеаsаnt.

image source

Thе mаin rеаson bеhind thе construction of thе pаlаcе wаs thаt thе womеn mеmbеrs of thе royаl fаmily hаd to sее thе city’s lifе аnd procеssion, without gеtting out, sitting in thе pаlаcе.

This pаlаcе wаs built in such а wаy thаt thе lаdiеs of thе royаl fаmily could sее from insidе, but no onе could sее thеm from outsidе.

This fivе-storеy building hаs а spеciаlly dеcorаtеd аccommodаtion on еvеry floor. А fаscinаting fountаin wеlcomеs you insidе thе mаin pаlаcе, from which you cаn rеаch diffеrеnt floors.

From thе top floor of thе pаlаcе, viеws of City Pаlаcе, Jаntаr Mаntаr аnd Sirh Dеаri Mаrkеt cаn bе sееn. Thеrе is аlso а smаll musеum in which аnciеnt аrtifаcts rеlаtеd to thе Rаjput lifеstylе аrе kеpt.

Visit Jаipur to еxpеriеncе thе city’s mаgnificеnt sights аnd sitеs. Tеmplеs, pаlаcеs, аnd vibrаnt mаrkеts аwаit you in Jаipur.

Hope you liked this list of Top ten places to visit in Jaipur . Have you visited Jaipur already? Do share your feedback.

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Jodhpur Rajasthan

Jodhpur Tourist Places – Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur | Jodhpur Tourism

Jodhpur Tourist Places | Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur | Jodhpur Tourism – Jodhpur, which is also popular as Blue City and Sun City, has play important role in history of Mewar and Modern Day.It is the land of brave Rajput Soldier, A land of top notch building architecture, a land of great forts.

Jodhpur has great forts, beautiful temples, colorful bazaars and lot more to see. So let us see Top 10 tourism attraction places in Jodhpur.


Top 10 Tourist places in Jodhpur / Jodhpur Travel Guide video

In a hurry ? Watch this video

Top 10 Jodhpur Tourist Places


This is number 1 in our list of 1op 10 jodhpur tourist places.n Mehrangarh fort is the pride of Jodhpur.Mehrangrah fort was built by Rao Jodha.

History of Mehrangarh fort

The construction of this fort was started in 1459.

This fort was built on hilltop around 440 feet above the surrounding area. For making this historical fort the work was assigned to ‘Kandwaliya Samaj’ , Kandwaliya Samaj has a special talent.

First they hit the rock, after that they listen the vibration.they analysis this sounds, through analysis they find crack point in the rock.

And then it make easy for them to do construction on it. Another Samaj which play vital role in the construction of Mehrangarh fort, is Chowaliya Samaj.

Chowaliya Samaj is specialist in lifting the Heavy weight through the simple iron chain.They lifted heavy weight from group to topmost Hill.

Mehrangarh fort Architecture

Mehrangarh fort was great history and great artitecture also. Mehrangarh fort is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur.

The construction of this fort has started in 1429 and continued till 20th century.

The construction work in this fort has been done by different kingdom.So, this fort shows image of different kingdom in his artitecture.

Mehrangarh fort ticket price

  • Mehrangarh fort :- It is free to watch.
  • Museum fees :-  ₹100 for indian,₹50 for student and senior citizens,₹600 for foreigners. –

The best time to visit this fort, is pre& post winter season.


Rao Jodha Desert Park is situated near the Mehrangarh fort.This fort is spread over the area of 180 acre.

This park plays an vital role in the restoration of Desert and Arid vegetation.The Area around this park, contain distinctive volcanic rock and sandstone formation.

On the entrance of this fort, you will find grass and small trees on the both side of trail and big gate on entrance.

On the entrance side you will see different rock are placed with their discription( if you want to gather information you can read it.)

Inside Rao Jodha Desert Park

While walking, you will see the trail, made up of stone.The trail were divided in two colour ( Blue& Yellow). Yellow is for those who want normal road and avoid Hicking.Blue trail is for those who want to hicking, blue trail is more adventurous trail than yellow.

On the inner side,you will see Mehrangarh fort and Ranisar LaKe clearly. Rao Jodha Park contain 250+ species of plant from Arid region(main plant are Rohido,Kumatiyo, Peelo and Hingato).

TICKET PRICE:- ₹100 per ticket per person. -Map will be provided to vistor in which (trails) information is given.


Ghanta Ghar is also known as Clock  Tower.This Clock Tower was built by Sardaar Singh.This clock tower is consider one of the best clock tower in rajasthan.

The Night light view of this Ghanta Ghar is amazing to see.This clock tower is situated in Sardaar Market, which is one of the most busiest area of Jodhpur. Sardaar Market is considered one of oldest  market in india.

This market is famous for Jodhpuri clothes, Jodhpuri suit, Bangles, silver jewellery, Jodhpuri safa and also for Antique item shop. This market is also famous for Jodhpuri Sweet and Indian Drink(lassi).


This Palace is present day residence of Royal family.This palace is famous as Umaid palace and chitra palace.

Construction work:- The construction work of this palace was started in 1929, and construction work completed in 1944.The Drought was main reason behind the construction of this palace.The architecture of this palace was designed by Henry Lanchester.

In construction of this palace Heavy weight rock was used. The Intersting thing is that no cement is used for the construction, all rock are placed  through interlocking system.

Interesting facts about Umaid Bhawan Palace

  • This is last palace in the world, no palace was built after this palace. •70% of this palace was controlled by Taj.
  • The rent of staying for 24 hour in this palace was 50,000 to 7,00,000( it vary according to your room choice and facilities you taken.)
  • The wedding of Priyanka& Nik Jonas, And birthday of Nita Ambani is celebrated in  this palace, the cost of celebrating the birthday in this palace was around 300 crore.
  • This palace is built by modern day features like underground wiring.


Mandore garden is one of most famous and most visited garden in Jodhpur.It is situated 9 km from Jodhpur.

From all over india people come to visit to garden.This place is also known as birthplace of Mandodri(  wife of Ravana ).


  • Hall of Heroes show the greatness of Kingdom  and fighter of Rajputs.The wall of this hall was painted by different rajput.Total 16 figure are painted on this walll.
  • Temple of 33 crore god’s:- There is a Hindu temple in mandore garden on which 33 crore god deities are painted.This is great example of royal jodhpur artitecture.
  • Royal Cenotaphs in Mandore garden:- This is prime most attraction of mandore garden.This Cenotaphs are great example of royal artitecture.These Cenotaphs are made up of red sandstone.Every Cenotaphs is different from each other.

TICKET :- There will no charge for visiting the garden.But ,for visiting government museum,₹50 charge for per person.


If anybody like to see Tajmahal in Jodhpur. He or she must visit, Jaswant Thada. This amazing building was made up of white sheet of marble.

During the Day time, marble reflect sunlight and glow.

History of Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada was built by Maharaja Sardaar Singh in 1899( son of Maharaja Jaswant Singh).By constructing this, He has given tribute to his father.

In Jaswant Thada, you will see old paintings of Mewar ruler. – Lakeside view, the lake present in jaswant thada inhance the beauty of this monument.

Lake has amazing sceneric view for relaxing.


Chamunda mataji temple has  great history behind origin, construction , artitectural work and more than that.Today, many royal families consider chamunda mataji as Isth Devi or kull Devi.

History of Chamunda Mata Temple

This idol of mataji was brought by Rao Jodha in 1460.Chamunda mataji has established before the origin of Mehrangarh.

During Indo-Pak war, pakistan has thrown many bomb in this area but no blast and casualties happened.

Devotees has strong believe  that this is due to presence of Chamunda Mataji. Later it became popular pilgrimage center for devotees.

TOORJI KA JHALRA(torjis step wall)

Toorji stepwall is situated in centre of Jodhpur,and backward to Ghanta Ghar. Toorji ka Jhalra was best place for swimming.

In the evening , people came here to enjoy swimming.The Height of Toorji step wall is 200 ft.

So what is the history behind the construction of the stepwell – Toorji Ka Jhalra ?

Toorji step wall was built by Maharaja Abhay Singh for his wife maharani Toorji in 1740. There is simple reason behind the construction of this monument, the reason is that they want save water for Drought period.

Toorji step wall was built by red sandstone stone. Interestingly, this place also very famous for relaxing and photography.Not only Indian , but many foreigners came here for the fun and enjoyment.


Balsamand lake is situated at Jodhpur-Mandore road.Balsamand lake was built by Balak Rao Parihar in year 1159.

In the centre of this lake, Balsamand palace is presented, which is used by royal families in summer to spend time.Today it work as Heritage Hotel.The length of Balsamand lake is 1 km.

Balsamand lake is famous for sizzling sunrise and sunset.when you visit Balsamand you see bunch of monkeys.

Inside Balsamand lake , beautiful Lotus are presented. Balsamand palace was built by red sandstone, in the royal Rajput design.

This Palace is best for spending time.The sceneric view of Sunrise and Sunset was worth watching.


Bishnoi and Guda village is situated in southern part of Jodhpur.This village is 25 km away from Jodhpur.

This village trip is best for Nature lover, Animal lover and for those who want to enjoy tribal life. Bishnoi and Guda village is famous for Deer, Black Deer and Kejri trees.

The people of this village worship as their god.

Guda Bishnoi lake, this is artificial lake, famous as picnic spot. In Guda Bishnoi village, you will also see Amrita Devi Bishnoi and Khejrali Sahid Samarak.

Do enjoy the famous Bishnoi Safari. This is one of most important activity to be done here !

Hope you liked our list of Jodhpur Tourist Places – Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur | Jodhpur Tourism. Have you visited Jodhpur. Do share your experience!

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2 Days 2 Days 200 to 500 Kms 200 to 500 Kms Bangalore/Bengaluru Chennai Kodaikonal Tamil Nadu

Princess of Hill stations – kodaikanal tourist places

Kodaikanal tourist places – The odometer read 1100 Kms. I have just been back to Bangalore from a nice trip to Kodaikonal. A beautiful hill station in Tamilnadu, near Dindigul. There is lots and lots of material available on internet on the history of Kodaikonal, so I will not cover it here.

Originally published – May 2016

What I would say is that, this is such a nice place to visit with friends and family.

I feel that you should plan to go there at least once. Below is some quick information on Kodaikanal tourist places , before I talk about what you can do in 2 days in Kodaikonal.

Quick facts before you go to Kodaikanal

  1. Distance
    • From Bangalore = Approx 450 Kms , Time taken 8 to 9 hours one way
    • Distance from Chennai = Approx 550 Kms, TIme taken 9 to 10 hours one way
  2. Road Condition : Very good throughout. Both from Bangalore and Chennai.
  3. Food: Many options on the way and also in Kodaikanal
  4. Time needed for Visit: Minimum 2 days. 3 would be better.
  5. What you can do: Sight seeing / Nature
  6. Transportation with in City: Mostly taxis. No autorikshaw.  Or your own vehicle if you are comfortable driving over the hills
  7. Driving direction
    • From Bangalore its NH7 all the way and then turn from Dindigul towards Kodai
    • From Chennai its Chennai Theni Hwy/NH45.

Note: It get colder during night even during summers. So please carry blanket/shawl/jacket.

OK, that was quick fact. Three things to remember

  1. In Kodaikonal there are some main spots with in the city which you must visit and spend some time.
  2. Then there are spots which you can visit, spend a little time and move on
  3. Then there are spots outside city which you can plan.

There are taxis available for single day. Minimum rate is Rs1400/- for Indica as of now. All hotels or taxi guys have a list of spot which they cover in one day. But remember if hire taxi, you get bound by the time limit of taxi guy.

With in two spots the taxis generally charge Rs 200/-. You can also negotiate for half day.

Places to visit in kodaikanal

In Kodai, with in City there are 5 places where you should spend some good time. These are

  • Kodaikonal Lake,
  • Brynt Park/Botanical Garden,
  • Coakers Walk,
  • Chettiar Park and
  • Krunji Andavar temple.

Then there are other minor spots which you can visit.  Spend a little time and move on.  These are –

  • Jain temple,
  • Moirs Point,
  • Pine Forest,
  • Upper Lake view,
  • Pambar Falls,
  • Wax Measeum,
  • Shenbaganur Museum (Science Measeum),
  • Silver Cascade Falls,
  • Pillar rock,
  • Green Valley view , G
  • una Caves (Devils Kitchen).

If you do a taxi for day, they try to cover almost all main spots and majority of other spots with in a day and hence you don’t get to spend the time you want at every spot. So after doing some research, we made a itenary and that is below.

Before we do that. One more point to note, if you have 3rd day in hand, you can also plan for Palani temples and Berijam Lake. Berijam Lake is 19Kms from Kodai and Palani temples are 65Kms. Palani is town full of temples dedicated to lord Muruga and is on of the very important religious places for Hindus in whole of India. Apart from these two famous ones there are other places as well and taxis guys have a itenary for that as well.

We had 2 days in hand in Kodai. We wanted to spend some time on the Major spots so first day we decided to do it ourselves. Our hotel was near Chettiar park so we walked down up a little bit to  Kruni Andavar Tample from them walked down to Chettiar park. From Chettiar Park we hired a cab till Kodaikonal Lake, after some boating went to Botanical Park which is opposite or Lake and then to Coakers Walk which is nearby.

Kodaikanal tourist places – Day 1 @ Kodaikanal

Day 1 => Krunji Andavar temple -> Chettiar Park -> Kodaikonal Lake -> Botanical Garden -> Coakers Walk

Krunji Andavar Temple Kodaikanal

This temple takes its name from the indigenous Kurinji flower that blooms once in 12 years. 2016 is the year.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga (son of Lord Shiva).

Our first stop was this temple. The temple is at the top of the hill and Kurunji plants surround the temple. From the top you can also see Palani Hills.

Chettiar Park

A beautiful park near the Kurunji temple. You can easily spend an hour or more here.

Kodaikonal Lake

This is a man made lake, star shaped, built in 1863. You can do boating here. You can also take a stroll around the lake or rent a cycle and go around the lake. It is around 6Km stroll.

Brynt Park/Botanical Garden

Next to the lake is botanical garden. A very nice place to spend couple of hours. Kids enjoyed this place a lot. There are lots of flower here.

Coakers Walk

Paved way on the side of the hill near the lake which gives a nice view of the valley. It is at such a great height that during winter you will find yourselves covered in clouds. Look at the photograph below. You will see clouds coming up.

Coakers walk was the last place we covered on day 1.

We had spend good 1 hour at the lake. Around 2 hours in Botanical garden and 1 hour at Coakers walk.

In between we had nice lunch at one of the many food options near the lake. There is Domino’s , Subway and other Indian restaurants.

Places to visit in kodaikanal -Day 2 @ Kodaikonal

Day 2:  Jain temple -> Moyrs Point -> Pine Forest -> Suicide point -> Pillar rock > Guna Caves (Devils Kitchen) -> Pambar Falls -Upper Lake view – > Wax Measeum -> Shenbaganur Museum (Science Measeum) -> Silver Cascade Falls .

Jain temple @ Kodaikonal

Moyers Point

Offers a nice view of the surroundings

Pine Forest at Kodaikonal

Is the area which is quite famous for many movie shootings. It pine trees all around so tall as if they are touching the sky.

Suicide Point

Another point which offers a nice view of surrounding. Also famous as suicide point, People are not allowed to go till the end.

Pillar Rocks

These are around 125 meters high rocks standing tall. Famous Tamil movie, Guna was shot around this location.

Guna Caves

This place got its name from the famous Tamil movie Guna. But it was called as Devils Kitchen before. These are deep caves difficult to traverse. These are closed for public now,  but you have visit the area and it also offers a nice view of the valley.

Pambar Falls

Nice little fall. Offers a good spot for kids to enjoy.

Upper Lake view in Kodaikonal

Offers a good view of Kodaikonal lake

Wax Measeum

Small , but good initiative by its creators. Good to visit once.

Shenbaganur Museum

Meuseum is home to a few archaeological finds, especially prehistoric finds unearthed in the Dolmen Circle (18km away) region.

Silver Cascade Falls

You will find this fall at the entrance of Kodaikonal. You can also cover it while going back.

That concluded our Day 2. A good nights sleep and we were back to Bangalore.

Some more points to note – May and June are highly crowded.  Weekends are also very crowded. Driving is very difficult due to steep hills so be care full. Be aware of monkeys. There are lots. Carry some warm clothes as it get chilly in the nights.

Hope above information, Kodaikanal tourist places was useful. Enjoy your trip to Kodai.

Cheers! 🙂

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4 Days or More Andhra Pradesh Bangalore Bangalore/Bengaluru Gokarna Karnatka More than 500 Kms Murudeshwar

Bangalore to Goa – 5 days on western coast : Bangalore – Murudeshwar – Gokarna – Goa!

Looking for a long weekend trip from Bangalore?  Hi, weekend adventurers welcome to another blog. This was the trip we did over the end of last year.. got some time to write about it now!
A perfect Long weekend trip from Bangalore , use my this experience to plan your itinerary.
As the title suggest, it was a road trip across the beautiful western ghats, starting from Bangalore to Murudeshwar and onwards to Gokarna and Goa and back to Bangalore.
Hope you find this interesting. So lets go with Day 1 of our long weekend trip from Bangalore !

Bangalore to Goa Day 1

The start of the journey. We started around 6.00 AM in the morning. Going to Murudeshwar and then to Goa would be a bit longer as compared to going to Goa directly.
But we do not go for such a long long journeys often so it made sense to cover western ghats a little bit more.
The drive is quite good. NH48 is what we took. It’s a straight drive and google maps are a good companion.
Couple of things, if you want to eat good and hygienic food, Kamat can be a good option. Specially for vegetarians. For us Kama was a savior 🙂
With families and kids on board, we drove slow. We checked into Murudeshwar at around 8.00 PM. So quite late, but it was still good as we were not in hurry!
Our hotel was just near the temple, so a good location. After check in and some rest we were out. 
The statue of Lord Shiva looked amazing and with some colorful lighting, it looked just beautiful.
We had dinner at Naveen Beach Resturant.
The best part about this hotel is that half of its part is out into the beach…I mean to say that it is literally out into the beach and at night you can hear the waves crashing against the pillar when or if you are eating.
P.S the beach looked to be a bit dirty. After dinner and spending some time at beach, it was time to windup the day!
Enjoy some pictures of Murudeshwar below!

Bangalore to Goa Day 2

Got up early and visited the famous Shiva temple. The Shiva temple was a beautiful experience the big Shiva statue was my favorite.
By 9.30 AM we were done. The temple and surrounding area is quite good and big. But gets crowded as day progresses. 
Checked out and left the hotel at about 10.30 am. We stopped for some breakfast in Murudeshwar and by 11.30 AM we were on our way to Gokarna.
We hit Om Beach @ Gokrana at about 2 pm and happily stayed ther till 5 pm (well I was shocked to know that we spent 3hrs just like that).
But Om Beach is actually quite good. There are some benches on the side of beach under the tree and all the oldies were got settled there and we kids got a nice 3 hours on the beach.
By 5.00 PM we were on our way to Goa. We touched the Goa border by about 8:30 pm. Our first 2 nights were in North Goa.
As soon as you enter the border you are welcomed by a fresh good feel….the roads were beautiful and smooth…they were divided properly and taking curves on that road feels good….the city was beautiful and felt as if I was in a whole new country.
The hotel we had booked was 5 mins walk from beach and this was the USP of the hotel.

Bangalore to Goa Day 3

Woke up, had a good long bath and went over to have breakfast…They had idli, sambhar, toast bread, butter and jam, coffee, tea etc.

I just had bread, jam, butter and coffee. We had breakfast and dinner included. We had breakfast, went back to rooms, packed and head over to the Calangute Beach

If you are lucky you may spot a supercar or two (I spotted a Porsche 718 Boxster ).. Now here’s what I personally loved about Goa….it was clean and good.
I thought the beach would be dirty but I it was actually clean…
After spending loads of time on the beach and having a good heavy lunch we head over to the rooms to change and then head over to the old Aguada Fort.
Honestly there is nothing much in the fort but the view from the top is really beautiful.
I personally liked the evening view, the sunlight bouncing off the the red stone walls just made the fort look way more beautiful.
We then went over to the Saturday Nite Bazar. This place is heaven…. you can bargain  and buy various things for cheap..

Bangalore to Goa Day 4

Day 4 was marked for South Goa.  But before reaching the hotel we thought of covering Basilica of Bom Jesus Church.
Church is very old and beautiful. Do not take selfies inside the church. Taking selfies may end up in embarrassment for you…you can take pictures outside the church…
Do not make videos also.. 
After visiting the church we went straight to the hotel, which was more of a beach shack. i.e bang on the beach and this was the most cool part of our stay there. “On the beach”.
Below is the outside view of this famous church!
How beautiful this looks from inside! Some pics below!
Another one
Palolem beach is very beautiful..the best part of this beach is that it extends for a good long part into the sea. There are powerful waves which are fun to sit in…..
We had bonus for each of the hotels…they both were very close to the beaches. 
I suggest instead of taking time to take photos on the beach we should just relax in the water….in night time it is advised not to enter the water..
But it was good. We did spend a good time on the beach and came back for lunch. And once lunch is done, back to beach. It was so cool.
But the best part was that beach just came alive in the evening. At night we had a candlelit dinner on the beach…..this was fun…advantages of booking a beach shack.
The place was just so well decorated. Lots and lots of people around. All having some nice party time. It was just amazing!
Another view of Palolim beach

Bangalore to Goa Day 5

Well this day didn’t go that well. We checked out at around 10:30 am. We were supposed to hit Dudhsagar falls
The best part about this falls is that the bridge scene in the movie Chennai Express (Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone) was shot here.
We drove about 60 kms just to find out that we couldn’t visit the falls..You cannot take your own car and have to take a taxi.
There are only 300 taxis available and out of that about 240 were booked..The queue was just too long….we had no chance and had to return….
We left the falls dissapointed and head over to the Karnataka border…we made a pit stop at Dudhsagar Spa and Resort.
This place was good…you can have lunch and enjoy some activities (obstacle course for both kids and adults, horse riding, ATV riding)
We soon hit the Karnataka border and headed over to Dharwad..
If we knew that the falls would be a bust we could have spent one more day in Goa…
Good Bye Goa!!!!! :*(
We had a taken a break journey at Dharwad. Just so that the journey does not become too tiring.
Saw lots of windmills on the way.. one of my cool clicks!

Bangalore to Goa Day 6

At 9.30 AM after breakfast,  we were back to Bangalore.
This was the end of our really good and beautiful vacation..
I was really happy with the trip except for the 5th day…Goa has really impressed me 🙂
There are lot of attractions which Goa has to offer and wished we had some more days in hand. I think one 3 days in Goa in not enough. You need to have at-least 5 days in hand.
Or well I felt that Goa can never be enough. It’s such a lovely and beautiful place!
When you visit Goa, do share your experience and comments!
Have a good time!
Looking for a one day getaway from Bangalore ? Try going towards Hosur

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