Hesaraghatta Lake near Bangalore – Nice one daye trip from Bangalore

Friends if you are looking for a nice half a day to one day picnic trip from Bengaluru, Hesaraghatta Lake near Bangalore can be a nice option.

Hesaraghatta Lake is a man-made freshwater lake located around 21 kilometres north-west of Bangalore.

In the year 1894, it was built across the Arkavathy River.

Hesaraghatta Lake

This was done in order to meet the city’s expanding water needs.

Sir K. Seshadri Iyer, then Dewan of erstwhile Mysore state, and M. C. Hutchins, then Chief Engineer of Mysore, conceptualised what is now a great picnic site.

What is Hesaraghatta famous for?

So How big is Hesaraghatta Lake?

With an area of around 1000 acres, the lake provides a relaxing location in which to spend a few moments.

It is a great area for bird viewing and is frequently visited by parties of bird watchers who come in search of the beautiful avian species that this place has.

Paddy Field Pipit, Bushlarks, Kingfisher, Pond Heron, Magpie Robin, Black Drongo, Brahminy Kite, Brahminy Kite Juvenile, Black Kites, Cormorants, Pale Billed, Flowerpecker, Egret, Mayna, Black Crow, and many more can be seen here.

The location is also ideal for wildlife walks. It provides a soothing getaway from the commotion of cities and allows visitors to spend time in peaceful and beautiful settings.

Hesaraghatta Lake

There are numerous fascinating attractions around. You may combine a visit to Hesaraghatta Lake with a visit to the Government Aquarium and the famed dance hamlet – Nrityagram.

If you’re interested, you may also go to the Horticultural Research Institute and the Indo-Danish Poultry and Dairy farms, which are also adjacent to the lake.

Where is the location of Hesaraghatta Lake?

So How far is hesaraghatta from majestic bus stand?

Hesaraghatta Lake is located near Bangalore, around 21 Kms from Bangalore city center.

Travel time and actual distance depends on from which part of city you live in.
It will probably be 1 to 2 hours of driving time.

It can be a nice half a day to one day picnic.

Is Hesaraghatta Bangalore north or south? ?

Hesargatta is an locality in North Bangalore, Bangalore, Bangalore Urban District, Karnataka, India, 560088.

How to reach Hesaraghatta Lake?

Route: via Bellary Rd; via Bellary Rd and NH75; via Hesarghatta Main Rd

A private taxi or cab can take you to the lake. To go to Hesaraghatta Lake from Bangalore, use NH-4 until Vidyanagar and then turn right on Hesaraghatta Main Road.

The lake is located on the left side of the Central Bank. Depending on traffic, it could take up to an hour to get to the lake.

Is Metro available for Hesaraghatta?

No there is no metro available till Hesaraghatta. But from any part of city which is on metro line you can come till Hesaraghatta cross.

From Hesaraghatta cross it is around 15 Kms.

You can hire a private taxi from there.

Bus stations near Hesaraghatta Cross in Bengaluru

  • 8th Mile – 4 min walk
  • Widia School – 9 min walk
  • Deepak Factory – 9 min walk
  • Rukmini Nagara – 10 min walk

What are the closest stations to Hesaraghatta Cross?

  • 8th Mile is 248 meters away, 4 min walk.
  • Widia School is 655 meters away, 9 min walk.
  • Deepak Factory is 668 meters away, 9 min walk.
  • Rukmini Nagara is 731 meters away, 10 min walk.
  • Nagasandra is 1963 meters away, 26 min walk.
  • Peenya Industry is 3902 meters away, 50 min walk.

Which Metro lines stop near Hesaraghatta Cross?

Hesaraghatta Cross is on GREEN LINE.

What is the bus number for Hesaraghatta?

Hesaraghatta Village – Kempegowda Bus Station bus

The bus route no to Hesaraghatta village from Bemgaluru is 253J . The bus starts from Majestic.

The 253J bus (Hesaraghatta Village) has 36 stops . It starts from Kempegowda Bus Station and ends at Hesaraghatta Village.

253J bus Schedule

Sun6:25 AM – 9:00 PM20 min
Mon6:25 AM – 9:00 PM20 min
Tue6:25 AM – 9:00 PM20 min
Wed6:25 AM – 9:00 PM20 min
Thu6:25 AM – 9:00 PM20 min
Fri6:25 AM – 9:00 PM20 min
Sat6:25 AM – 9:00 PM20 min

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