Thottikallu Falls near Bangalore – A nice one day trip with family and friends

Friends if you are looking for a nice one day trip from Bangalore, Thottikallu Falls can be a good option. It is one of the closest water fall near bangalore with in 100 kms.

Thottikallu Falls is only 35 km from Bangalore, making it a great half-day picnic destination.

The waterfall is also known as TK Falls and Swarna Mukhi Falls locally.

Thottikallu Falls near Bangalore

Because this location is relatively close to Bangalore, you will find lot of young crowd and college students visiting this fall over the weekend.

It’s worth noting that the fall is around 300 meters away from the parking site.

A steep, narrow track will lead you to a towering ledge. The view from the cliff is spectacular.

A tight slope will take you to the foothill opposite the waterfall.

There are two nearby falls at Thottikallu Falls. The first autumn has a broad shower, whereas the second has a restricted jet stream.

People also visit the Muneshawara Temple, which is positioned beneath a massive tree at the entrance to Thottikallu Falls.

Munneshwara temple at TK Falls

How to reach Thottikallu Falls ( or TK Falls )

Below is the google map link of the location Thottikallu falls or TK Falls:

If you are driving, take the Mysore Road from Bangalore and merge onto the NICE Bangalore Mysore Motorway.

You will encounter a Toll Road known as the NICE Ring Road, from which you must take the Kanakpura exit to reach the Kanakpura road.

Turn left from the Saaluhunase Bus Stop and follow the trail until you reach Gulakamale Lake.

After this lake, turn left and follow the curved road until you reach the TK Falls Parking Area.

If you choose the bus option, you must catch a bus at Banashankari Bus Station.

The bus turns left at Kaggalipura Bus Stop and you must get off at Nallakkana Doddy Bus Stop.

Thottikallu Falls is a short walk away from here. Alternatively, you can take a local bus from Majestic Bus Stand.

It takes an hour to get there from Kempegowda Bus Terminal. If you’re looking for a place to stay near the falls, there are plenty of possibilities.

So what is the best time to visit TK Falls?

Avois Thottikallu Falls during the summer. There isn’t enough water in the falls to enjoy the glitz of this area.

Best to visit it just after the rainy season has ended. This occurs from October through March.

Though there are no admission restrictions, it is not recommended that you visit this location after dark.

Make sure you have adequate water and snacks with you.

However, there are several sellers nearby that sell fresh-cut fruits, juice, and Bhelpuri.

What other places to visit near Thottikallu Falls?

So there are couple of the other things you can plan while you visit TK Falls.

  • The Bannerghatta National Park, which is barely 7 kilometres away from Thottikallu Falls, is another prominent attraction nearby.
  • If you are still not satisfied with nature walks, you can go to the Byatarayana Doddi Lake (7.3 km away) or the
  • Chudahalli Reservoir (5.6 km away).
  • Then you can also go to Mantapa Lake, Kalkere State Forest, Anjaneya Temple Ravugodlu, and other attractions are within a 15-kilometer radius of the falls.

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