Upcoming Long weekend – few destinations around Bangalore during this rainy season.

Come August and we have one long weekend which we can make use of to visit some beautiful destinations around Bangalore.

During the rainy season, there are many places around Bangalore which becomes alive with lot of greenery and are a treat to eyes. Add to it the fresh air, the sound of birds, flowing water and your weekend becomes a wonderful experience.

The area towards Tumkuru, which is around 2 hrs from Bangalore offers some good destination because some some good forest cover around this area and small hills which also offer some nice trekking options.

Here I am listing down few beautiful destinations around Bangalore. which you can try visiting over upcoming weekends or long weekends.

Devarayanadurga : Around 70Kms from Bengaluru, it is a 3 hrs drive one way. This place offers some amazing trekking experience. There are 2 temples also one at the bottom of hill and other one at top of hill. Both the temples are very old. An you can trek to the top or take your car up as there is a proper road. During rainy season this hill and forest around this hill looks so good.

beautiful destinations around bangalore

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Shivgange: Another beautiful place around 55Kms from Bangalore. Shivaganga is a hill which boasts a monolithic granite hill which is around 1380 meters above sea level. The hill top offers a picturesque view of the villages around. If you plan to trek to the top of the hill, it is almost a 2 hours walk. There are various temples to visit here and then there is a fresh water spring, also called as Patal Ganga.

beautiful destinations around bangalore

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SavanDurga: If you love long drive in the lap of nature, you love fresh air , you love trekking and adventure. This place is for you during this time of year. Around 60Kms from Bengaluru, this offers everything you love.

beautiful destinations around bangalore

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Shivanasamudram: You would have heard of these falls many time. This is one of the major water falls near Bangalore. It is more than 12Kms from Bangalore, but still can be done as a one day trip.

beautiful destinations around bangalore

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Talkadu: The last one of my list is another place towards Tumkur and is called as Talakadu. This place is also more than 120Ksm from Bangalore, but is a amazing place to visit. Most interesting fact about this place is, it is full of sand. It is actually a desert like area, almost 1000 acres next to river Caveri. No one really knows from where the sand came. But there is an interesting legend which points to this. Infact there are more than 30 temples and a palace which all were buried below the sand. Out of which 5 has been excavated. All these monument belong to Ganga Dynasity.

And hence this place make perfect sense to visit during rainy season. The drive towards Talakadu is wonderful and place itself is amazing and mysterious.

beautiful destinations around bangalore

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I hope you will definitely like these places. All the places are kids friendly as well. What I mean is that kids will also like these places. And if you have adventurous side, you will love trekking here.

Have fun!


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  1. Go to Shivsamudram in September. This year less rains and hence you will not see much water. Wait for some more time before you go. You can try Hogenekal Falls near Krishangiri


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