Devarayanadurga – one of Tumkuru’s gems – 1 day trip from Bangalore

So, what do you plan to do over this weekend? Feeling lost? Take a long drive. Head out to Devarayanadurga !

Trk towards top

Let me take you to Devarayanadurga. This is one of the trips I have done almost six months back. Infact it was my second trip to Devarayanadurga. Obviously this place is fantastic and worth a visit. As usual first I will start with the quick facts.

Quick facts about Devarayanadurga

Base location: Bangalore/Bengaluru

Distance: approx 70 Kms one way

Time taken: 3 hrs drive one way, 2 to 3 hrs for visit and 3 hours return drive. 8 hours in total. (there are other places of interest Devarayanadurga. so if you can plan well for ex start quite early you can cover them as well. In my one of the future posts, I will try to provide a Itenary)

Road condition: pretty good.

Food option: Ok till you are on NH and very few after that. There are some options when you reach the hills.

Outing type: Nature, Adventure, Trekking, Religious


Its approximately 70Kms from Bangalore. If you are residing in Bangalore, head towards Tumkur road. You will cross Neelamangla and then Dobbespet. Do not cross Dobbespet, go below the flyover and take right. Keep on going straight. After around 10 to 12 kms, you will find a arch in left which will lead to the temple. If in doubt ask some one.

Bangalore (–> Yeshwantpur) – > Tumkur Road -> Neelamangla -> Dobbespet -> Devarayandurga

There are direct buses from Bangalore (Majestic Bus Depot) to Tumkur.

A beautiful temple on the way

So coming back to the place itself. Devarayandurga is towards Tumkur. It is actually a hill station offering a good adventure and trekking options. The hill station is surrounded by forest and there are two famous temples called as Yoganarshimha (at the top of the hill) and Bhoganarshimha temple (bottom of the hill). So if you are on pilgrimage or want to do trekking, you can definitely think of Devarayanadurga. It is also famous for a natural spring which is said to be very sacred. This spring is called as Namada Chilume.


There are many other temples and few more springs in the region, but above three as they are the ones most frequented by people.  Another famous temple in the area is the Mahalakshmi Temple at Goravanahalli.The place itself is very serene and scenic and not very crowded and hence can be a very good visit if you have got a day or half in hand. People generally start very early morning and reach the temple during early hours of the day and are back by afternoon. As I mentioned before there are many more places near Tumkur which can be clubbed with this visit, for example Savan Durga, Shivagange etc. But it all depends upon how early you are able to start and how you manage your day. Aim is obviously to enjoy and not just hop around the places.


So, what are you waiting for. You still have Sunday in you hand. Cheer up and make your sunday a fun filled one.

Have a good time… //sanjeev


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