ECR tourist places – 10 must visit places on ECR road Chennai to Mahabalipuram

ECR Tourist places

Friends if you are living in Chennai you must have heard of ECR road. Today let us look at some popular ECR tourist places which can help you plan a relaxing weekend with friends and family! ECR Road, also known as East Coast Road, is a scenic route located in Chennai. It runs along the … Read more

Upcoming Long weekends – few destinations around Bangalore during this holiday season.

December is one such time of year when we have kids holidays , office holidays etc and we all want to make good use of this time to travel around with family and friends. So if you are based out Bangalore here are some beautiful destinations around Bangalore which you can visit during this time … Read more

Bangalore to Pondicherry – A perfect long weekend trip

Has it been quite some time when you have gone out for a long drive. Are kids getting restless? When the next long weekend kicks in, should plan for some outing. And Bangalore to Pondicherry is something which can be a good option! So below is the experience we had during our trip in the … Read more