Lazy Weekend – Head to Thimmarayaswamy Fort Temple near Electronics City

Many a times there are some beautiful locations around us and we tend to miss it. Thimmarayaswamy Fort Temple electronics city is one of them. A very beautiful and ancient temple on a small hill top just behind electronics city. There is a small village called as Bettadasanapura near electronics city. This temple is located … Read more

A day trip to Bannerghatta – Bannerghatta Biological Park and Sri Champakadhama Swamy temple.

Friends, looking for a day trip around Bangalore? Welcome to our post “A day trip to Bannerghatta – Bannerghatta Biological Park and Sri Champakadhama Swamy temple”. If you are staying in Bangalore, you must have been to Bannerghatta zoo. Generally we all end up with just the zoo. But there are some other activities which … Read more

An evening at Kingdom of dreams – Gurgaon

Kingdom of dreams – Gurgaon, also known as KOD is one of the best ways to spend your evening in Gurgaon. Usually reserved for people with interest in theater, I suggest this as a must visit for people travelling to Delhi/Gurgaon if you have an evening to spare. I recently got an opportunity to visit … Read more

Best place to visit in Costa Rica for couples

Best places to visit in Costa Rica for couples

Best place to visit in costa rica for couples : Costa Rica, located in Central America, is a tropical paradise renowned for its stunning natural beauty, biodiversity, and commitment to environmental sustainability. This small yet vibrant country offers an array of attractions and experiences that make it a sought-after destination for travelers from around the … Read more

Best places to visit in Florida for couples (Top romantic places in florida USA)

best places to visit in florida for couples : Planning a couple trip to Florida? Looking for top romantic places to visit in Florida? Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is a vibrant and diverse destination located in the southeastern United States. With its tropical climate, stunning beaches, and abundant natural beauty, Florida attracts … Read more

Best Places to buy Pearls in Hyderabad – why not do some pearl shopping this weekend !

Hyderabad, a historical city and capital of Telangana is also famous for its pearl market. If you are hyderbad, today we will tell you the Best Places to buy Pearls in Hyderabad. So friends why not to do some pearl shopping this weekend ! Do you know how pearls are made ? Marine oysters and … Read more

Ananthagiri Hills places to visit

tyda park

Planning to visit Ananthagiri lets us look at Ananthagiri Hills places to visit. Ananthagiri is a village located in the Ranga Reddy district of the Indian state of Telangana. It is situated in the lush green hills of the Eastern Ghats and is known for its scenic beauty and coffee plantations. Ananthagiri is famous for … Read more

Medak Fort- A Historic Marvel in the Heart of Telangana

Medak Fort Telangana

Nestled in the scenic town of Medak, Telangana, the Medak Fort stands as a testimony to the rich history and architectural grandeur of the region. This magnificent fort, with its imposing structure and intricate craftsmanship, is a prominent landmark that attracts history enthusiasts and tourists alike. Built during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty in … Read more