An evening at Kingdom of dreams – Gurgaon

Kingdom of dreams – Gurgaon, also known as KOD is one of the best ways to spend your evening in Gurgaon.

Usually reserved for people with interest in theater, I suggest this as a must visit for people travelling to Delhi/Gurgaon if you have an evening to spare.

Kingdom of dreams - Gurgaon

I recently got an opportunity to visit Delhi and made sure not to miss it. Of course it was a life time experience.

Kingdom of dreams – Gurgaon , aka KOD is India’s first live entertainment destination.

It is located in Sector 29 of Gurgaon. I took a cab to reach there. But there is also a way to reach there by metro.

Kingdom of dreams - Gurgaon

It is spread over 6 acres and is managed by the Great Indian Nautanki Company (GINC).

It basically has 2 theaters. Nautanki Mahan and Showshaa theater and also a Cultural Gully which is basically a culture and cuisine area.

As soon as I entered the venue, was aw struck with the magnificent structures inside the complex. The building and theaters were grand.

Kingdom of dreams - Gurgaon

I was interested to watch “Jhumroo” and had booked ticket for the same.

This is a musical comedy performance dedicated to legendary Kishore Kumar.

With Kishore kumar’s retro track the performances were truly mesmerizing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kingdom of dreams - Gurgaon

Zangoora is another famous theater show which run there, but that will be for some other time.

Kingdom of dreams - Gurgaon

After the show it was cultural Gully time. The artificial sky looked great and of course the structure itself was awesome. The cuisine served there was from different parts of country.

Kingdom of dreams - Gurgaon

Over all KOD was a treat to eyes and a wonderful and lovely experience.

Do visit it if you are in Delhi/NCR and have a evening in hand.

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