Best Places to buy Pearls in Hyderabad – why not do some pearl shopping this weekend !

Hyderabad, a historical city and capital of Telangana is also famous for its pearl market. If you are hyderbad, today we will tell you the Best Places to buy Pearls in Hyderabad.

So friends why not to do some pearl shopping this weekend !

Do you know how pearls are made ?

Marine oysters and freshwater mussels produce pearls as a natural protection against an irritant such as a parasite entering their shell or injury to their fragile body.

The oyster or mussel secretes layers of aragonite and conchiolin, which also form the shell. This results in the formation of nacre, often known as mother-of-pearl, which encases and protects the mollusk from the irritant.

An irritant is physically injected into a snail to encourage the generation of mother-of-pearl when pearls are grown commercially.

Nacre can spontaneously form around practically any irritant that enters the shell, resulting in some highly distinctive and valuable pearls.

History of Hyderabad Pearls

There are numerous pearl shops in Hyderabad that sell both pearl jewellery and single pearls.

In Hyderabad, the history of pearls is almost as old as the city itself. Historically, the commerce in pearls was based on those from the Persian Gulf.

The Nizams of Hyderabad initially transported the pearls from Basra in the Persian Gulf.

Eventually, craftsmen were taught in Hyderabad for pearl drilling and processing, which led to Hyderabad being an important component of the pearl trading industry.

Ram Dutt Malji, a royal merchant, is said to have brought the pearls. Ram Dutt Malji, a jeweller, opened the first pearl shop in Hyderabad in 1906.

He and his son were then hired as Royal jewellers, designing personalised pearl jewellery for the Nizams.

The majority of pearls are cultivated in the village of Chandampet.

Chandampet, located near Hyderabad, is one of the key sites with trained and efficient artisans working for centuries, making it one of India’s most prominent drilling centres.

Everyone in the working age range in Chandampet is involved in pearl drilling, which is a unique skill in and of itself.

The pearls are cooked for at least four days after drilling before being cleansed and segregated based on their sizes and shapes.

They are also classified according to their colour. White pearls are typically the most popular, although pink and black pearls are also gaining appeal among purchasers.

Some popular decorations made with Hyderabadi pearls include chand bali, Satlads, haath phool, bracelets, vaddanam, and so on.

Although Pathergatti and Laad Bazaar have been recognised for pearls from ancient times and have hundreds of stores offering all types of Hyderabad pearls in a variety of price ranges, there are a few other places to go for pearl purchases.

Types of Pearls

The pearls are primarily of two types. These are genuine or natural pearls as well as cultured pearls.

Pearls vary in colour, gloss, and shape, in addition to the manner by which they are manufactured.

Although white or cream pearls are the most frequent and may be found in the majority of pearl jewellery, original pink and black pearls are among the most unusual.

As a result, they are highly regarded as well. Black real pearls with a green sheen, in particular, are considered one of a kind and extremely valuable.

Rice pearls with metallic lustre are another type of pearl. Their name comes from their diminutive stature.

Basra is another type of pearl that is popular, particularly in southern India. The nice part is that the majority of these pearls can be obtained in Hyderabad pearl markets.

Natural Pearls

Natural pearls are the most prized type of pearl. They are incredibly rare and highly valued around the world.

These are made of saltwater and are created in the sea when an oyster naturally creates a pearl.

Only one in 10,000 oysters produces natural pearls, and only one of those handful meets the standards for a diamond.

The rarity of natural pearls can also be shown in the fact that less than 1% of the world’s pearls are generated naturally.

Natural pearls form without the use of any human interference.

When an irritant such as a dust particle or other foreign object enters, oysters, like all mollusks, begin secreting nacre around it as part of their defence systems.

The layers of nacre are also known as’mother of pearl,’ and are utilised in decorative pieces and jewellery.

The irritant gradually becomes totally covered in crystalline covering.

The quality of natural pearls is also affected by the state of the ocean, the nature of plankton, meteorology, latitude, the health of the oyster, and the soil of the sea floor.

Natural pearls typically have a softer sheen and sparkle than produced pearls.

Previously, these pearls were only utilised by Nizams and royals. However, many pearl stores now sell natural pearls as well. Natural pearls are pricey due to its one-of-a-kindness and scarcity.

Cultured Pearls

Cultured pearls, as the name implies, are created within an oyster but in an artificial environment.

They are natural pearl replicas made by implanting a mantle tissue or a shell bead containing mantle tissues of a sacrificed mollusk into a host oyster.

Once the nacre has developed around the inserted particle and a pearl has formed, it is harvested, which is followed by the drilling and grading procedure.

The pearls are eventually classified based on their lustre, size, and form.

Most mollusks are now grown for the sole purpose of producing cultured pearls. Mollusks are cared for until the pearls are harvested.

Wild oysters are sometimes utilised to create cultured pearls.

Best Places to buy Pearls in Hyderabad

So here are some markets you can explore in Hyderabad for Pearl Shopping.


The Pathergatti road, which is quite close to Charminar, one of the top tourist attractions in Hyderabad, is the most famous market for pearl purchasing.

This iconic lane, close to Madina Market, glistens with a plethora of pearl businesses. Pattherghaati has a large selection of pearls.

The price ranges from a few hundred rupees to thousands of rupees, depending on the quality and genuineness of the pearl.

The Seth Kedarnathji Motiwale Pearl in Pathergatti is a work of art.

It was the first documented jewellery business in Hyderabad and is highly recognized for its pearls.

Krishna Pearls is another well-known retailer of real pearl jewellery. Remember to haggle for the best deals.

Pot Market

The Pot Market is another must-see for pearl shoppers in Hyderabad.

Whether you are seeking for single pearls or pearl jewellery, this location will provide you with numerous options, each promising natural and authentic cultivated pearls.

If you’re seeking for something different than the usual pearl jewellery designs, here is the place to go.

Pot Market is recognised for its distinctive designs and genuine pearls, thus pricing can be slightly higher than in other markets.

Manyang Jewellers, Sri Jagdamba Pearls, Arihant Pearls, and more well-known pearl shops can be found here.

Laad Bazaar

Laad Bazaar, one of Hyderabad’s oldest markets, is famed not only for lacquer and glass bangles, but also for pearls.

This market, which is an essential element of any tour of Hyderabad, also provides numerous opportunities for pearl purchasing.

Charminar is surrounded by several iconic jewellery and pearl shops, making it an excellent location for true pearl buying.

If you want to buy imitation pearl jewellery, there are a few places for it as well.

Basheer Bagh

The Basheer Bagh is another must-see if you’re a fan of Hyderabad pearls.

It is one of the largest markets and has a great selection of showrooms and wholesalers for pearl purchasing.

Meena Jewellers on the Babukhan Estate is a well-known wholesaler of saltwater pearls.

Mangatrai Pearls, Gems, and Jewellers is well worth visiting if you’re looking for stunning pearl jewellery designs.

Pearl jewelleries are very famous at Sai Pearls and Gems Shop in Taranagar, Sri Ram Jewellers, and Kedarnathji Motiwale.

Begum Bazaar

If you want to go pearl buying, you should also head to Begum Bazaar. Known for its brassware and perfumes, this market is also a popular place to purchase for pearls.

You’ll find a wide range of original and fashion pearl jewellery here, from earrings to necklaces and bangles. It is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Prepare to practice your negotiating skills when visiting Begum Bazaar.

Are there fake pearls?

Knowing the difference between imitation and real pearls is essential while looking for pearls.

With the popularity of imitation pearls on the rise, it is critical to evaluate the quality of pearls before purchasing.

When purchasing pearls, a buyer should keep a few guidelines in mind.

When you touch real pearls, they are supposed to be slightly cooler, but they warm up once worn.

They are also heavier and brighter. When opposed to imitation pearls, the surface of real pearls is also grainier.

Some believe that the teeth gritting test can be used to determine the authenticity of pearl jewellery.

Aside from these precautions, the safest way to shop is at registered showrooms and jewellery stores.

A high-end pearl shop will stock a wide range of real pearls (cultured and natural).

So keep these things in mind in your next Pearl Shopping trips !

So friends this was some general information on pearl shopping in Hyderabad. Hope you liked this post – Best Places to buy Pearls in Hyderabad !

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