Hampi – Travel back in time

Hampi is a world in itself. Lost in time, yet alive. 350 Kms from Bangalore, this world heritage city is a living example of the grandeur of the Vijayanagara empire.

It is said that Hampi was one of the largest cities in world during it’s time.

Bangalore to Hampi Information

If you are travelling from Bangalore, then below information will be helpful for you. So happy journey and do read further for details.

  • Distance from Bangalore:  350 Kms one way.
  • Time taken to reach : Approx 8 hours
  • Time needed for visit: 2 days minimum.
  • Food options: Many, there are restaurants on the way and very good options for food
  • Road Condition: Very good
  • Weather: Generally dry (except in rainy season of course)
  • Places of Interest: Many. Please get a map from any of the shops or hotel in Hospet/Hampi.

What does Hampi has to offer

These 500+ surviving remains of the capital city of the Vijayanagara Empire (13th to 15th century), which includes

  • forts,
  • pillared halls,
  • mandapams,
  • many big and small temples,
  • courtyards,
  • water storage systems etc

All these are built in Dravidian style of architecture.

Hampi is also listed as UNESCO World heritage site.

The most iconic picture of Hampi is the “Stone Chariot” which comes up as soon as you search for Hampi on google or other search engines.

It is actually a small temple dedicated to Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu. It is situated in Virupaksha temple.

Mythological importance of Hampi

What is more interesting is that apart from being a historical site of huge importance, This place also finds reference in one of our greatest epic , Sri Ramayana.

The kingdom of Kiskhindha was in this region.  

Modern time Hampi is derived from the word Pampa which is the name of river Tungbhadra. It is situated at Tungbhadra’s river side.


Hampi has many places to visit. It is a treat. Take time to enjoy monuments. You will be surprised to see how matured was the building architecture, art and culture at that time.

What to see in Hampi

You need at-least 3 days if you really want to visit each and every monument. Below are some the key sites which you should not miss.

  • Virupaksha Temple,
  • The Vitthal Temple,
  • The Lotus Temple,
  • The Queen’s Bath,
  • The Palace,
  • The Badava Linga and the Laxmi Narsimha Temple,
  • Hemakuta hill temple complex,
  • Krishna Temple & Krishna baza,
  • Elephant stable
Hampi Ruins

How is weather in Hampi

It is generally dry throughout the year and you have to walk a lot and hence carry a nice pair of shoes, coolers and water bottle.

Better to visit during Dec to March as it is a bit cooler at that time and easy to walk. A nice place to be with family and friends. kids will also enjoy a lot.

The best way to reach Hampi is to reach Hospet. You can say that it is the gateway to Hampi. There are lot of good stay options there.

As I mentioned before. Hampi is a treat for monument lovers. I mean people who love and cherish historical places. It is in UNESCO World heritage site. People from all over world visit here.  So enjoy your time in the city and do send me your comments and experience.

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