Hognekkal Falls – As wonderful as it can be during rainy season

It was worth a drive! A long drive in-fact from Bangalore to Hognekkal Falls in Tamil Nadu
Quick facts first!

 Hognekkal Falls – Important Info 

Distance from Bangalore : approx 180 Kms
Time taken: 3 hrs approx one way
Route: Bangalore -> Hosur -> Krishangiri -> Dharampuri -> Hogenakkal
Food options : Many on the way till Dharampur. Few after that.
What to see: Water falls
Hognekkal Falls - As wonderful as it can be during rainy season

Drive to Hognekkal Falls

Ok, so hogenakkal falls drive took us almost 3 hrs to reach and it falls at a distance of almost 180kms. Overall, the drive and place was amazing. If you have not bought food then you can stop at Sarvana Bhavana or A2B on the way.
I suggest you eat before Krishangiri. After that resturants are less and then as soon as you turn on Dharampuri – Hogenakkal road, options become very limited.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention, at Dharampuri you need to take a detour towards Hogenakkal. So don’t miss that!


Hognekkal Falls Parking

The falls are located on a hill so the ride upward and downwards is pretty fun as the roads are curvy and it’s fun zooming through them.
As you enter the parking lot you will have to collect 2 tickets (they collected 2 for us but it may change…) 1 is for parking and 1 is the entry.
After parking walk almost half-a-kilometer to reach the falls. Also watch out for the monkeys which just snatch food stuff out of your hands.

A couple of bad things that I noticed were:
  • Too many plastic items such as wrappers and bottles. Though it’s written not to use plastic.
  • There is a smell of oil every where due to the massage center located right in the open.
  • Humidity is very high in that area.. and the smell of the oil makes the environment a bit more worse
  • Another bad thing that I noticed was that a family was having their food and were dumping things right into the water. Due to the direction of the flow it came right towards the free sitting place.
  • People sell soap, shampoos and oil bottles but there. People use it and throw wrappers around.
To observe the falls properly and to get good pics you should go over to the bridge.
You can also visit the “Bathing Point” where you stand (or sit under the falling water).
However they won’t allow you to enter the “Bathing Point” after 5 p.m.
There is also a boating area……the government price is around Rs50. per head
I am really adventurous and I wanted to go for the boat ride but (I think) due to fast water flow and high water level they didn’t allow me :’-(
As you are returning make sure that you are not too late..if it gets too dark it will be hard to go downhill again…
As we were returning it had rained and we enjoyed it pretty much. Again you can stop at Sarvana Bhavana and have your dinner.
 Hognekkal Falls - As wonderful as it can be during rainy season

How to reach Hognekkal Falls

There are 2 preferred routes to the falls
One is via MDR588 which takes you to the falls in 105km and 2hr 41min (appx.)
The other one is via NH44 and Dharmapuri-hogenakkal road. This road has tolls and gives you approx 180km and 2hr 47min (we took this road).
Even though this road has tolls and is longer it’s fun to cruise it at 120kmph
Last but not the least…my advice would be that the best time to visit the falls is now because of the rain. If you are planning to visit this falls I suggest you to go now and take the NH 44.
So try this place out if not already! And if you have been there before, this is the time to visit it again.
Have fun! and a safe trip!

Hognekkal Falls  Hognekkal Falls

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