Gaya of South – Avani temple, Kolar – One day trip from Bangalore

This weekend let me take you yo Avani, a small village in Kolar district of Karnatka, not very far from namma Bengaluru.

I have always been fascinated about mythology and history and this place has that one “zing” which I always look for.

Ok before I go further as always with my all posts below are quick facts about Avani and Avani Temple

Quick facts on Avani temple trip

Distance from Bangalore : Approx 80 Kms one way
Travel time: 2 hrs approx
Road conditions: Very good except last 5 kms village road
Food options: Many on NH. Nothing near the temple
What to see/do: Temple, Hills, Trekking

Legend behind Avani temple

Ok, so what is so interesting about this place? Avani is known for the Sita mata temple. Avani in kannada, means earth and Ma Sita was also known has Avanisuta (daughter of earth).

There are very few temples dedicated to Sita mata and this is one of them.

The temple is situated at the top of the hill and trek to the top needs some effort 🙂 It is said that Sage Valmiki lived here and Luv-Kush were born at this place and hence this place is religiously very important from Ramayana times. It is said that the war between Sri Ram and Luv Kush happened here.

Avani is also known as Gaya of the south. The famous temples of  Ramalingeshwara, Lakshmaneshwara, Bharateshwara and Shatrugneshwara dates back to 10th century, Nolamba dynasty.

How to reach Avani Temple

So how do you go there? The 10th century temples are at the bottom of the hill in Avani village and then to go to Sita mata temple you have to climb the hill.

Route: Take NH75 Bangalore to Kola road. 20Km after Kolar, take right towards Avani. 5Km after right turn is Avani village.

The trek is a bit challenging and hence you need time. It takes approx 2 hours to climb up (obviously if you are athelete type you can climb up in 1 hour 🙂 So better to start early. By 6.00 AM is best. Take NH75 towards Hiskote. After Hoskote you will find a nice foodcourt which has Dominos, MacD, Maiyas and others. Or you can also find Kamat hotel on the way. Stop for breakfast and then head towards Avani.

As soon as you reach the village, you will find Ramalingeshwara, Lakshmaneshwara, Bharateshwara and Shatrugneshwara temples.

Entrance of Sri Ramalingeshwara temple

Avani temple

Inside temple premises of Sri Ramalingeshwara temple

Avani temple

Carvings inside the Sri Ramalingeshwara temple

Sri Ramalingeshwara temple

One you are done visiting the temple, you can start climbing up. You will be able to see Sita Mata temple at the top of the hill.

Sita Mata temple

On the way to Sita Mata temple at top of the hill

Sri Ramalingeshwara temple

Stone painting depicting Sage Valmiki


It is a nice one day trip. Not so tiring. Kids also enjoy a lot as it trek up the hill is fun! Do visit it once. You are going to love it!

Have a fun time!

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