Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple, Gudichetlu – Half a day trip from Bangalore – 50Kms from Bangalore

Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple, Gudichetlu – Friends, if you are looking for a half a day to one day trip from Bangalore, visit this temple. Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple, Gudichetlu – located aroud 50 Kms from Bangalore and around 15 kms from Hosur.

Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple, Gudichetlu

Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple is near Baglur. So if you are living in Sarjpura area of Bangalore it is actually very near – around 25 to 30 Kms.

People living in Hosur will find this temple at around 12 to 15 kms from Hsour bus stand.

so If you go via Sarjapura in Bangalore, then this temple is around 40kms from Bangalore cirty center. If you stay in Sarjapura road area of Bangalore, the temple is very near.

The temple is renovated recently and looks beautiful. But the temple itslelf is very very old. The temple has a big premises.

There is a garden near by the temple which is very nice. Do visit this temple over the weekend !

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Gudichetlu Temple Deity

The temple is dedicated to Lord Thimmarayaswamy ie. Lord Vishnu.

This temple is old and lord Perumal (thimmaraya Sammy) looks very beautiful.

Then there are other small temples around. Actually before the main entrance of the temple, you will find small temples dedciated to Lord Anjenaya, Lord Ganesha and the Navagrahs.

Sree dhevi/Boo dhevi sametha god Perumal (Thimmaraya Swamy ) is the moolavar.

Recently this temple has been renewed and people here says its a 350 year old temple. Nice and a must temple to visit.

Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple, Gudichetlu Architecture

The temple has a very big premises. The temple is in golden color and has been renovated recently. But the temple is said to be more than 350 years old.

A small park named” Narayana wanam ” which has small plants and trees with a few status,there is a seating area too in the park and well maintained very clean and peaceful place with positive vibes .

The park hosts huge idols of all the perumal avatharams.

In the temple premises 2 marriage halls are available and can be booked.

Every year car festival is also being celebrated in a grand manner.

Childrens also enjoy a lot as there are a lot of places for them to run around.

If you are travelling with parents they are also going to love this place a lot.

Ample parking and washrooms are available near the temple premises.

How to reach Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple, Gudichetlu?

So if you are travelling from Bangalore you can take 2 routes as shown below.

You can either go via Hosur – ie. Bangalore->electronics city-> Hosur – > Gudichetlu

Or you can go via Baglur – ie. Bangalore ->sarjapura -> Baglur – Gudichetlu

How to reach Sri Prasanna Thimmarayaswamy Temple, Gudichetlu

If you want to go via Public transport then you need to take the bus for Hosur or Baglur and from there you can take auto to reach to the temple.

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