Yelagiri Hills – A perfect one day weekend trip from Bangalore

Yelagiri Hills : If you are looking for a one day or a 2 day weekend trip from Bangalore, Yelagiri Hills can be a v ery good option for a one day trip with family and friends.

Today I will share my 1 day itinerary from bangalore to Yelagiri Hills.

Yelagiri Hills is a small hill station in Tamil Nadu and is on Bangalore Chennai route. It is not very far from Bangalore and is approximately 130 to 140 Kms from Bangalore and can be covered in a single day.

If you have more than one day in hand then this can difinitely be a very relaxing trip.

However if you are travelling from chennai, then this will definitely need a 2 days of time.

So quick facts before you start

  1. Distance
    • From Bangalore = Approx 140 Kms , Time taken 2 to 3 hours one way
    • Distance from Chennai = Approx 230 Kms, TIme taken 5 to 7 hours one way
  2. Road Condition : Very good throughout. Both from Bangalore and Chennai.
  3. Food: Many options on the way and also in Yelagiri
  4. Time needed for Visit: Minimum 1 day. 2 would be better.
  5. What you can do: Sight seeing / Nature
  6. Transportation with in City: Mostly taxis or autorikshaw.  Or your own vehicle if you are comfortable driving over the hills. Not very steep climbs as such

Must visit places on Yelagiri Hills

From my perspective these are 5 must visit places in Yelagiri

#1 Nature Park

This is a beautiful park. Quite big one. If you have visited Kodaikonal or ooty you would have seen botanical gardens. this is something similar to that.

so you are going to like that. If you have parents and other elderly people travelling with you, they will definitely enjoy this place a lot.

And kids like it too as this has lot of place for them to run and roll. This is a must visit place.

#2 Moksha Temple and Nilavoor Lake

This is another good spot. The temple is just next to the lake so both can be covered together. You can sepnd some good time around the lake.

Visit the temple first and then spend some 1 to 2 around aroud the lake. A nice experience it will be.

#3 Murgan Temple

Then you can head to Murgan temple. This is one of the most popular temples in Yelagiri Hills. Situated on a small hill top this temple offers a nice view of the city.

Dedicated to lord Murgan, the temple is a must visit if you are in Yelagiri.

#4 Funedra Park

If you love birds and if you are travelling with kids, this is a must visit place.

Birds are not caged and they really come near you. You can feed the birds. Wonderfull place.

#5 Yelagiri Lake ( also called as Puganoor Lake )

And this is last in my list of must visit places in Yelagiri. This is a beautiful lake and have boating options.

Next to the lake there are some rides which kids can enjoy a lot and also around the lake there are lot of shopping options where you can buy some locally made choclates, spices, honey etc.

And if you love fish there are hotels around where you can get some good fish dishes.

Then there are some other places as well which you can visit if you have more time in hand.

Yelagiri Hills video

In a hurry. May be this video will be helpful

In the video you will find:

  • Must visit places in Yelagiri
  • Tips on the route to yelagiri
  • Nature park
  • Moksha Temple & Nilavoor Lake
  • Fundera Park
  • Murgan Temple
  • Yelagiri Lake
  • And other places to see in yelagiri if you have more than a day in hand

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