3 days 3 places – Part I – Shri Parshwa Padmavathi Jain Temple – Krishangiri

This was a long weekend and this time I was the planner of the whole trip. Dad had some other commitment and hence a long trip was not possible, but definitely a couple of short trips was on the cards. I will take you towards Krishangiri

So I started searching out for places near by and zeroed upon few locations which can be easily covered within 6 to 8 hours.

So let me start with the first day – to Shri Padmavati Jain temple @ Krishangiri. It also called as Sri Padmavati Shaktipeeth Teerath Dham or Krishnagiri Shaktipeetham.

Quick facts first:

Total distance from Bangalore: 90 Kms approx one way ( depends upon from where you are starting in Bangalore)

Travel time: 2 hrs with some short stops on the way

Road conditions : Very good

Food options : Many on the way

Route: Bangalore -> Hsour -> Krishangiri -> Sri Padmavati temple  (from Bangalore take hosur road, NH44 till Krishangiri and from there take left on Chennai expressway, On Chennai expressway probably after 5 to 6 kilometers you will see the board on the other side of the road. So you need to take a U turn) 

way to jain temple Krishangiri

We started quite late. After having a nice breakfast. We left home by 11.30 AM. Driving on Hosur road was a bit in traffic, but once we reached Attibele and crossed the toll, it was a breeze. No much traffic at all and after Hosur google uncle showed 61 more kms and we knew that if we go at this speed, it will not take much time to reach. So we slowed down a little bit.

A nice water tank at the entrance

at the entrance of jain temple Krishangiri

Total time taken will not be more than 1 hour and 30 minutes if we go non stop. A couple of tea stops will not make drive more than 2 hours one way. We had some time in hand. By 12.30 we had crossed Hosur and if we have gone straight by 1.30 we would have reached Krishangiri and we wanted to make sure that the temple was not closed once we reach there.

So we decided to have lunch before we go to the temple. Before Hosur and Kishangiri there are many nice places to eat. We were not interetsed in any specific food. We generally tend to try different restaurants and dhabas on the way. So we have a very relaxed lunch and then headed towards the temple. We reached the place by 2.30.

Note that after Krishangiri, you need to take a left towards Chennai and after around 5 kilometers you will find a board on the right hand side with the marking to the temple. So take a U turn and come on other side and then on left hand side you will see the board again. Take a left there.

After taking left, its hardly a kilometer. Though your GPS will show a right towards a mud road.  Don’t take that. It will lead to no where 🙂 Just go 200 meters ahead and you will see the temple and parking. Some time GPS also confuses us.

Now coming back to temple. This temple is dedicated to Sri Padmavati devi and hence the name. The temple was founded by Sri Vasanth Gurudev Ji.

Main temple – some renovation work was ongoing when we visited

jain temple Krishangiri main building

Visiting this temple has been a blissful experience. There is this main temple which is very grand and the architecture is similar to other Jain temples we have visited. After that there are many other small temples in the premises. There is one “Naga Devta ” tempe which was mentioned to be  very very old.

Idol of kuber bhagwan

an idol at Jain temple

There are certain things to note though. You should not wear black clothes and shorts (kids are allowed to wear half pants) in the temple premises. You need to maintain calm and take care that kids do not shout. My younger brother who is a very small kid, was carrying a phone and started clicking some photos (kids are curios as always, I was same when I was 7 year old 🙂 )  and the guard immediately got angry stopped him.  So ofcourse no photography allowed.

A small fountain in the temple premises

Over all it was a nice trip with family. You can also club this with KRS dam. But that we had already visited before and we wanted to be at home before 6.00 so we started back by 3.30 so and were a home by 5.30.

This time, I had 2 locations covered towards Hosur. So I will write about the next one tomorrow.

All our trips this time were quite relaxed and purely a day trip. But if you can club them together if you have some good time in hand.

And do visit this temple when you have some time. Its really a good one!


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