3 days 3 places – Part II – Dakshin Tirupati – Hosur

OK, so this was our second location we visited during the long weekend. Sri Venkateshwara Swamy temple near Hosur. This temple is also called as Dakshin Tirupati.

Very nice place to spend a couple of hours. Believe me, it’s just a temple at the top of a hill, but so calm and quite that you would like to spend a couple of hours in peace there. Not so much visited by people and hence not very crowded,  but it’s just off the national highway.

So quick facts first

Distance from Bangalore => 60 Kms approx.

Time taken for travel => Around 1 hr to 1hr 30 mins one way

Road Conditions => Very good

Food options => A lot on the way. You can have a nice breakfast or lunch at Sarvan Bhavan on the way.

Route => Bangalore -> Hosur -> Dakshin Tirupati (Its on the right hand side while going from Bangalore. After crossing Hosur, keep looking for a marking at right hand side and take a U turn wherever you find after the marking. Then you will see a Arch near the marking. Take a left there and drive for half a km and you will reach at the destination)

As I mentioned, we only had 5 to 6  hours in hand and this lcoation perfectly fit the time we had. Since it was a temple, mom was anyways ready. Dad is always ready for any trip. Brothers were more interested in just having fun with a long drive 🙂

I had checked few pictures on internet and this place looked so green with a small river flowing near to the temple and hence I thought this place must be good. And believe me it turned out that way.

We started very late from home. We had a nice lunch at around 12.30 at home.. so a bit early lunch and then rest for 30 to 45 mins .. so we started by 1.30 in afternoon. No much traffic on the road. It did not take much time for us to cross Bangalore and reach Hosur. Immediately after Hosur, I started watching the “Dakshin Tirupati” board marking and there it was , around 15 kms from Hosur. We went a little further and took the “U” turn.

There was a arch at left hand side and we took that. I was like confused. My research showed that temple is at the top of a small hill and there I was a left turn, but no sign of a hill or temple. Anyway we drove further and after a short drive we could see that temple was there. Dad parked the car. Ample parking and we started walking towards the temple.


But I was still confused. Where is the hill?? Anyway we walked up and as soon as we reached the temple and looked at the other side,

I was surprisingly shocked. We were actually on the top of the hill 🙂 Look at the picture below. The river name is Ponnaiyar (Thenpennai). It is full of water. Just behind the temple below and is a delight to watch.  Believed to be coming from Kashi!!


The idol of lord is replica of lords idol at Sri Tirupati Balaji temple. I would say a must place to visit for people seeking lords blessing.

What’s more. A cool and fresh air with some amazing greenery around which you can see from the top. Look at below pics. And people say that this greenery remains through out the year!


Over all a nice drive. A nice place and you can easily spend few hours there.
You can take your car/bike till the temple and hence even old people can also easily walk till the temple. It so nice that I plan to take my grandparents there next time they visit us.

So do check this place out if you have some time during next weekend!

Already visited ? Please post your experience!



[vsgmap address=”Dhakshina Thirupathy Rd, Tamil Nadu 635117″ ]

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