Celebrating a safe Diwali

Myweekendtrips wishes all it’s readers a very happy and prosperous Deepawali.

Diwali or Deepawali is around the corner. It is a festival of lights, festivals of happiness. It is also a festival of togetherness. It is one of the most awaited festival of the year. The preparation starts days in advance. Cleaning the house, washing curtains, buying new clothes, ,making sweets etc etc. Specifically for kids the most exciting part is bursting crackers.

Bursting crackers has its own risks, specifically when it involves kids. Hence I thought of listing down few important points which we all should consider.

Crackers are not toys – Yes, we have to make sure that we and our kids understand this very well. For kids Diwali starts many days before Diwali. They will go and buy pistol/gun and small gun cracker which they start playing with it. Though it looks safe and simple, the sparkle can hurt the eyes. Similarly when bursting bigger crackers, like “phulhjadi” or “Anaar” or “Chakri” etc we have to make sure that kids are careful with them. Specially with elders kids. They feel that they have grown up and they can do everything by themselves. Handling rocket etc is dangerous to all whether it’s a kid or an adult. So key point is to make them understand that they are not playing with their regular toy. It is a cracker and can be dangerous.
Buy legally allowed crackers – There is a guideline set for manufacturing crackers and legally allowed manufacturers follow that. If these guidelines are not followed, the cracker becomes an dangerous explosive which can even burst during handling and transportation. Hence always buy crackers from legally allowed manufactures. They may be costly. Buy less if budget does not permit, but by legal ones. They are more safe and environment friendly.

Precautions while bursting crackers – Finally there are certain do and dont’s while bursting crackers. This has been repeated many times on TV, Newspapers, Social Media etc and I am listing them down here. I follow them and I urge you also follow them.

  1. Don’t allow kids to play with crackers inside the house. Even a small sparkle can lead to a big fire.
  2. Always choose an open ground, safe and away from houses.
  3. Don’t wear loose fitting dress. Wear thick clothes dress like jeans etc. No nylon clothes. Make sure that kids are wearing shoes all the time while bursting crackers. If possible adult as well.
  4. Don’t get tempted by ethnic dress etc. They look really good, but not while playing with crackers.
  5. Don’t leave kids alone. Not even for a minute when they are with crackers. Kids are most unpredictable during such times. Make sure that you are around them.
  6. Don’t light more than one item at a time. Also make sure that you are not carrying any of the item in your pocket, however small it is. It can turn dangerous.
  7. If there are many kids together, keep an eye on all of them. You know that, all these little ones are mischievous.
  8. Always keep a bucket of water around.
  9. Keep common medicines like burnol, alovera gel etc handy.
  10. No playing near electric wires, meters etc.
  11. In case of any burn or emergency, do not treat yourselves, rush to a nearby hospital.


Diwali is for togetherness. It is a festival for the family and should be happy and joyful. I personally feel that we should stop bursting all big crackers which makes sound. Diwali should be more of lighting diyas than bursting big crackers. It is festival of light over darkness. It is a festival of light and not sound 🙂

Have a very safe and fun-filled Diwali!

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