Avathi Betta – A One day trip near Bangalore

Avathi Betta as the name suggests is a small hill near Bangalore. There is a lake there called as Avathi Lake and the hill called as Avathi Betta are probably one of the best places you can visit near Bangalore.

So Avathi Betta & Lake is a very lovely place with lots of hillocks, a lake and kind of free from major rush.

This Avathi Betta & Lake is located 50 kilometers from Bangalore in the foothills of Nandi Hills.

An undiscovered tranquility on Bangalore’s outskirts is the perfect place for families, lone hikers, bikers and nature lovers.

This place can also be a photographer’s paradise.

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What to do and see at Avathi Betta

So at Avathi Betta, nature is at its best. You are at peace there. You can

  • Vist shree Lakshmi Timmaraya Swami temple
  • Visit the Avathi Lake
  • Enjoy a trek to the top of the hill

It will be a nice half a day to one day trip.

Temple of Sri Lakshmi Timmaraya Swamy

A very beautiful temple which you must visit if you are planning for a trip thre. The temple appears to be very calm.

There are around 200 steps leading up to the temple. These are not very steep ones and hence can be covered easily by elders of the family as well.

This is really a very nice place and if you trip involves elders in the family there are going to love it. Infact the best part is that they can spend some time sitting in temple while younger ones in the family can go for the trek and come back.

Avathi Lake

So from behind the temple you will find a road going downwards and you will not find much people there on the road. You will also notice a small water stream flowing.

You can actually go into the water stream and have some fun time playing in the water. Infact kids aer going to like it a lot. But there are stone and pebbles around so mare sure that they do not get hurt.

Ayway the stream will take you to the lake. The gorgeous lake is where the stream meets. Avathi Lake is surrounded by a muddy but accessible trail, making it a really peaceful place to just be and take in the scenery.

You will find small Naga idols on the way. People say that these are naturally occuring. The lake boasts breathtaking views of the nearby hills.

You couldn’t possibly immerse your feet in the water of the lakes, but you can still take in the scenery and snap tons of pictures.

Avathi Betta Trek

So remember Avathi Betta does not have any designated trails. But it is a straight and short trek.

You ascend a hill with lovely rocks and stones to a vantage point where you can take in the verdant surroundings, mudslides, a stream, a lake, and the nearby hills.

For the views and the refreshing breeze, unwind and spend some time on the rocks.

It’s a pretty manageable hike. No issue for youg people but can be a challange for elderly. Remember there is nothing to eat or drink there, make sure you bring such items with you.

So it will a nice one day trip with family and friends with in 50Kms from Bangalore. For this trek no permission is needed as such like we have seen in other treks. I am not sure about night trek here. Not sure if people really go for a night trek at this place.

How to reach Avathi Betta?

The place is near Nandi hills and is around 50 Kms from Bangalore. So you can easily visit this place by your own vehicle.

Infact I have seen lot of bikers group to this place.

If you want to travel by bus you can get a bus for Devanahalli from any part of Bangalore. From there you have to figure out a way then. I hope local transport will be available.

google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/PbhpuYFUnP3ahRJV6

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