Crocodile Park Dandeli – One of the best places to visit in Dandeli

Crocodile park in Dandeli is one of the must visit places if you are travelling to Dandeli !

Naturally, one may view a variety of crocodile species at the crocodile park. Here are different species of crocodiles can be observed.

In extremely close observable range, crocodiles of both giant and dwarf types can be seen. It’s also possible to observe and learn about a few different bird species.

Photographers will find a lot of crocodiles there, especially when they move and open their mouths.

The Indian government has recognized this park, which is located under the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Location : Dandeli, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

The government has approved a reserve for this park’s advancement. This location is about 3 km from Dandelappa Temple in Dandeli.

Simply staying on the Kali Waterway’s bank will allow you to observe the many crocodiles that inhabit the stream, as well as those that inhabit the island.

Crocodile park Dandeli entry fee

So Dandeli crocodile park ticket price or the entry fee for the adult in this park is Rs25/-

Dandeli crocodile park timings

The park is open from 9.00 AM morning to 5.30 PM eveing

Best Time to visit : However, the most preferred time is from October to may

Dandeli crocodile park distance

Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand is 2kms and from the temple it is around 3KMs

Bangalore to Dandeli is approx 420 kms and will take around 8 hours

Where to stay in near the Crocodile park?

  • River edge homestay : 4 km
  • River point Homestay : 2 km
  • GreenWoods Jungle Camp : 2 km

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