Waterfalls In Karnataka which you should not miss

Karnataka is renowned for its breathtaking waterfalls, stunning hill stations, and historic sites. This state has several beautiful locations, including the well-known Mysore Silk and Sandalwood, the living ruins of Hampi, and other breathtaking and must visit waterfalls.

You will appreciate the beauty of nature even more in this state.

So friends let us look at some must visit water falls in Karnataka!

Shivanasamudra water falls

Shivanasamudra Falls is the most serene location for a weekend trip from Bengaluru. It is one of the most visited waterfalls in karnataka.

The fall is split into two streams that descend from the same location in different directions, giving the impression that they are twin falls.

Gagana Chuki is the name of one stream, and Bhara Chuki is the name of the other.

Observing a single waterfall might be rather tranquil, but witnessing two waterfalls merge is an incredible sight. This one is too good to miss.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/AwRkh7SyhnbHxdF99

Shivanasamudra waterfalls distance from Bangalore = 140 Kms approx. Time taken is approx 3 hours. Road contions are good and many food options on the way !

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Jog falls

Known as Gersoppa Falls in the local dialect, Jog Falls is the second highest and most exquisite waterfall in India, earning it the moniker “Niagara of India.”

Jog falls is one of the must visit waterfalls in karnataka !

It drops 253 meters over the cliffs to the boundary of the districts of Uttara Kannada and Shimoga.

The river Sharavathi formed this waterfall, which cascades into four streams: Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer.

You will be mesmerized by the beauty of nature when you get to the top of the waterfall and take in the vista.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/MnCQcXjY8VNkYLLp8

Distance from Bangalore: approx 430 kms

Time to travel one way: 8 hours

Road conditions: There are 2 ways one from Chitradurga another one from Shivamogga. Raod conditons are good throughout anyway you take. Only last 40 kms or so are a bit challange.

Food options: Many on the way

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Abbey Falls

In Coorg, Abbey Falls—also referred to as Jessy Falls—is a popular tourist destination.

Abbey Falls is a large coffee plantation and spice estate that is formed by numerous small streams that flow down to the rocky hillsides.

Picnicking there is a picturesque experience.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/e2RfPTprdzgtxmhg6

Distance from Bangalore: approx 260 kms

Time to travel one way: 5 to 6 hours

Road conditions: It is in Coorg district and hence Coorg being a very popular tourist spot, roads are well maintained.

Food options: Many on the way

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The Irupu Falls

Because of its long history, Irupu Falls, which is located in the Kodagu district, is one of the most popular waterfalls in Karnataka.

The narrative takes place in the Ramayana, during a scene where Lakshman shoots an arrow into the Brahmagiri Hills in search of water, and a river emerges from the mountains.

Irupu Falls is often referred to as “Lakshman Tirtha Falls” for this reason.

With permission from the Forest Department, you can take a short hike through Narimale Forest Camp to explore the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Rameshwara, and take in the picturesque surroundings.

The stories state that Lord Ram himself is credited with finding it.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ShPQc7XySMWc3wYaA

Distance from Bangalore: approx 270 kms

Time to travel one way: 5 to 6 hours

Road conditions: Again like abbey fals this is also in Coorg district and hence Coorg being a very popular tourist spot, roads are well maintained.

Food options: Many on the way

Unchali Falls

The Uttar Kannada district’s Unchali Falls, also called the Lushington Falls, are located close to Sirsi.

The 380-foot waterfall is encircled by dense trees. It is a section of the Aghanashini River, the only river in India free of nearby industry or dams.

For adventure seekers, the half-hour climb to the waterfall offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

This one of the lesser known water falls in Karnataka is a must visit if you are in the region.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/fhwxoxTX4gC55yJ26

Distance from Bangalore: approx 430 kms

Time to travel one way: 8 hours

Road conditions:Good throughout. Just be careful at the ghat section.

Food options: Limited after Devangare

Hebbe Falls

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve include Hebbe Falls.

It is a location where you may wander through the Tiger’s Reserve, see them, play in the little pool that the fall formed, and take a bath in it because it is known to have healing properties.

Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls) are the two levels into which the Fall descends.

You would need to walk 2 kilometers from the parking lot to get to Hebbe Falls.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/xJpR5VCPidCyZj7r7

Distance from Bangalore: approx 280 kms

Time to travel one way: 5 to 6 hours

Road conditions: Good

Food options: Many on the way

The Sathodi Falls

The Sathodi Falls is almost 32 kilometers away from the Yellapur district.

This lesser known waterfall has an almost movie-like appearance, encircled by dense trees and rocky caverns.

Look no farther if you’re searching for a tranquil, natural vacation.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/PD5UQvApNd6yduzu5

Distance from Bangalore: approx 450 kms

Time to travel one way: 8 to 9 hours

Road conditions: Good

Food options: Many on the way

The Falls at Kalhatti

Ten kilometers from Kemmangundi, Kalhatti Falls is a location that resembles a living, breathing example of nature’s finest painting.

The fall descends 400 feet from the Chandra Drona Hills and settles next to the Veerabhadreshwara Temple.

This is the perfect destination for you if you love the outdoors because there is a wealth of beautiful plants and animals to explore.

Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/wRsKMTUFEDHdnBJD9

Distance from Bangalore: approx 263 kms

Time to travel one way: 6 hours

Road conditions: Good

Food options: A lot till Mysuru and limited after that.

The Gokak Falls

The Belgaum District’s Gokak Taluka is home to Gokak Falls. It is also referred to as a miniature replica of Niagara Falls since it tumbles through a sandstone cliff from a height of 171 feet.

As the water flow increases during the rainy season, Gokak Falls’ magnificence is revealed. You may cross the river to a hanging bridge, and as it was built high, you can also enjoy views of these magnificent waterfalls from there.

Distance from Bangalore: approx 530 kms

Time to travel one way:10 to 126 hours

Road conditions: Good

Food options: Many.

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