Shivanasamudra water falls- A popular water fall near Bangalore – One day trip

In our quest to see the major water falls near Bangalore, we headed to Shiva Samudram water falls this weekend. Rains are just over and all the water falls are at their best. Last weekend it was Hogenekal water fall and hence this weekend we planned for shivanasamudra water falls, also known as Shivasamudram , a very popular water fall near Bangalore.

Originally Published on : 17-Sep-2017

So first thing first,quick facts – How to reach shivanasamudra .

How to reach shivanasamudra water falls ?

Distance from Bangalore : approx 130 Kms (90 Kms from Mysore)
Time taken: 2 hrs approx one way
Road Conditions: Quite good
Food options : Many on the way
What to see: Water falls and temples

Shivasamudram water falls route:

There are 2 different route from bangalore

Route 1 – > Bangalore – Maddur – Malavali – Shivasamundra ( From Bangalore take Bangalore Mysore expressway, once you reach Madur, keep looking for road which goes towards Malavali. Keep driving straight on this road. Shivasamudra is apprximately 25 Kms more after Malavali)

Route 2 -> Bangalore – Kanakpura – Malavali – Shivasamudra (After Kanakpura look out for the bifurcation of road. Right hand side road goes to Malavali and left hand side goes to Mekadetu)

OK, coming back to Shivasamudram (shivanasamudra water falls) , It is one of the very popular weekend destination from Bangalore and has 2 majestic water falls – “GaganChukki and BarahChukki”.

Apart from these 2 water falls there are 3 temples in the area – namely

  • Sri Ranganathaswamy temple (which is one  of the famous Vishnu temple),
  • Someshwara temple and
  • Vanadurga devi temple.

These 2 falls themselves have their origin in mythology. The river kaveri makes her way through the hills and finally plunges down here forming these 2 majestic water falls.

This place is not very far from Bangalore and can be covered in one single day. Travel time is not much and its around 2 hours from Bangalore, unless you sit down for breakfast or lunch on the way.

@ Barachukki Falls

Barachukki Shivanasamudra water falls

We took route 1. Started around 7 AM in morning to avoid much rush. Shivasamundram get quite a rush during weekends.

We had our breakfast on the way. I am fan of masala dosa and onion uttapa and most in my family loves it as well. Though we generally sit at Kamat hotel when we are on Mysore expressway, this time we sat at one the hotels immediately after raja-rajeshwari nagar, just before hitting expressway.

Its mysore expressway, 4 lane till Madur. After that its 2 lane road, but the road is quite good.

The place is quite crowdy on weekends. If you start and reach early, then it is good else it becomes a challenge to find parking at the right place. You might get to park quite far from the falls and then you have to walk. So plan your time accordingly.

@Gaganchukki Falls

Gaganchukki Shivanasamudra water falls

As I mentioned before, this place also has 3 well know temples, when you are going towards falls you will encounter Sri Ranganathaswamy temple first and then Sri Someshwara temple. For Vanadurga devi temple you have to take a detour. You can visit these temples first and the go to falls, but our plan was different

  1. Start early and reach the falls directly (this way you will avoid afternoon rush)
  2. While returning back first visit Sri Someshwara temple
  3. In the end visit Sir Ranganth Swamy temple and then back to Bangalore by evening.

@Sri Someshwara temple

Someshwara temple Shivanasamudra water falls

We skipped Vanadurga temple, but you can plan that as well, if you a time on hand.

Overall the trip was good and enjoying. My younger brothers were all too excited to see the falls and wanted to go into the water which dad did not allow. But over all the place was good. Saw many people bringing home made food and enjoying food together. It is a nice family picnic spot and I like to see families have fun together. But what I don’t like is people throwing plastic bottles and packets around. This spoils the natural beauty of the place.

@Sri RanganathSwamy temple

Ranganathswamy temple


Shivanasamudra Ranganathswamy temple

It is a fun place to go. Weather is good now. Lot of water because of rains.

You will definitely like this place.

Have a good time !


Why is this place called as ShivanSamudra?

Legend Behind Shivanasamudra water falls

There are couple of legends behind this name. According to one, it is said that one day, Shiva and Parvathi were on a stroll in the sky and were observing the river Kaveri from above. Shiva observed that a huge rock obstructed the flow of the river.

But the river spread out like an ocean and surrounding that rock, flowed forward. Amazed by the sheer size of the river, which appeared to him as an ocean, Shiva proclaimed “Dhanya Kaveri” (Blessed river). Observing the ocean like river which impressed Shiva, Parvathi gave it the name “Shivanasamudra”.

As per another legend, Devendra who was affected from “Vruthra Hathya”, was doing penance in several holy places. As per the instructions of Sri Brahma, he formed a beautiful Ranganatha Swany idol, and started worshipping him here.

One day, the water flow increased rapidly and started flooding the place. Concerned that his penance might be disturbed he smashed a portion of the huge rock that this place was and made way for the river to flow ahead from either side of the rock.

The river plummetted down with a lot of force from the right of the rock. This came to be known as the “Bharachukki” waterfall. From the left, it took a more steady approach to the cliff before diving down. This came to be known as the “Gaganachukki” waterfall. Devendra is said to have successfully completed his pooja and achieved expiation against his sin. Since the rock was smashed by Devendra, this place also got the name “Shila Bhedhana Kshetra”.

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  1. This is the right time to go to water falls like Shivasamudram, Hoggenalal and Mekadutu etc.. because of more rain the water flow is good in all the falls.


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