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Jodhpur Tourist Places | Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur | Jodhpur Tourism – Jodhpur, which is also popular as Blue City and Sun City, has play important role in history of Mewar and Modern Day.It is the land of brave Rajput Soldier, A land of top notch building architecture, a land of great forts.

Jodhpur has great forts, beautiful temples, colorful bazaars and lot more to see. So let us see Top 10 tourism attraction places in Jodhpur.


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Top 10 Jodhpur Tourist Places


This is number 1 in our list of 1op 10 jodhpur tourist places.n Mehrangarh fort is the pride of Jodhpur.Mehrangrah fort was built by Rao Jodha.

History of Mehrangarh fort

The construction of this fort was started in 1459.

This fort was built on hilltop around 440 feet above the surrounding area. For making this historical fort the work was assigned to ‘Kandwaliya Samaj’ , Kandwaliya Samaj has a special talent.

First they hit the rock, after that they listen the vibration.they analysis this sounds, through analysis they find crack point in the rock.

And then it make easy for them to do construction on it. Another Samaj which play vital role in the construction of Mehrangarh fort, is Chowaliya Samaj.

Chowaliya Samaj is specialist in lifting the Heavy weight through the simple iron chain.They lifted heavy weight from group to topmost Hill.

Mehrangarh fort Architecture

Mehrangarh fort was great history and great artitecture also. Mehrangarh fort is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur.

The construction of this fort has started in 1429 and continued till 20th century.

The construction work in this fort has been done by different kingdom.So, this fort shows image of different kingdom in his artitecture.

Mehrangarh fort ticket price

  • Mehrangarh fort :- It is free to watch.
  • Museum fees :-  ₹100 for indian,₹50 for student and senior citizens,₹600 for foreigners. –

The best time to visit this fort, is pre& post winter season.


Rao Jodha Desert Park is situated near the Mehrangarh fort.This fort is spread over the area of 180 acre.

This park plays an vital role in the restoration of Desert and Arid vegetation.The Area around this park, contain distinctive volcanic rock and sandstone formation.

On the entrance of this fort, you will find grass and small trees on the both side of trail and big gate on entrance.

On the entrance side you will see different rock are placed with their discription( if you want to gather information you can read it.)

Inside Rao Jodha Desert Park

While walking, you will see the trail, made up of stone.The trail were divided in two colour ( Blue& Yellow). Yellow is for those who want normal road and avoid Hicking.Blue trail is for those who want to hicking, blue trail is more adventurous trail than yellow.

On the inner side,you will see Mehrangarh fort and Ranisar LaKe clearly. Rao Jodha Park contain 250+ species of plant from Arid region(main plant are Rohido,Kumatiyo, Peelo and Hingato).

TICKET PRICE:- ₹100 per ticket per person. -Map will be provided to vistor in which (trails) information is given.


Ghanta Ghar is also known as Clock  Tower.This Clock Tower was built by Sardaar Singh.This clock tower is consider one of the best clock tower in rajasthan.

The Night light view of this Ghanta Ghar is amazing to see.This clock tower is situated in Sardaar Market, which is one of the most busiest area of Jodhpur. Sardaar Market is considered one of oldest  market in india.

This market is famous for Jodhpuri clothes, Jodhpuri suit, Bangles, silver jewellery, Jodhpuri safa and also for Antique item shop. This market is also famous for Jodhpuri Sweet and Indian Drink(lassi).


This Palace is present day residence of Royal family.This palace is famous as Umaid palace and chitra palace.

Construction work:- The construction work of this palace was started in 1929, and construction work completed in 1944.The Drought was main reason behind the construction of this palace.The architecture of this palace was designed by Henry Lanchester.

In construction of this palace Heavy weight rock was used. The Intersting thing is that no cement is used for the construction, all rock are placed  through interlocking system.

Interesting facts about Umaid Bhawan Palace

  • This is last palace in the world, no palace was built after this palace. •70% of this palace was controlled by Taj.
  • The rent of staying for 24 hour in this palace was 50,000 to 7,00,000( it vary according to your room choice and facilities you taken.)
  • The wedding of Priyanka& Nik Jonas, And birthday of Nita Ambani is celebrated in  this palace, the cost of celebrating the birthday in this palace was around 300 crore.
  • This palace is built by modern day features like underground wiring.


Mandore garden is one of most famous and most visited garden in Jodhpur.It is situated 9 km from Jodhpur.

From all over india people come to visit to garden.This place is also known as birthplace of Mandodri(  wife of Ravana ).


  • Hall of Heroes show the greatness of Kingdom  and fighter of Rajputs.The wall of this hall was painted by different rajput.Total 16 figure are painted on this walll.
  • Temple of 33 crore god’s:- There is a Hindu temple in mandore garden on which 33 crore god deities are painted.This is great example of royal jodhpur artitecture.
  • Royal Cenotaphs in Mandore garden:- This is prime most attraction of mandore garden.This Cenotaphs are great example of royal artitecture.These Cenotaphs are made up of red sandstone.Every Cenotaphs is different from each other.

TICKET :- There will no charge for visiting the garden.But ,for visiting government museum,₹50 charge for per person.


If anybody like to see Tajmahal in Jodhpur. He or she must visit, Jaswant Thada. This amazing building was made up of white sheet of marble.

During the Day time, marble reflect sunlight and glow.

History of Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada was built by Maharaja Sardaar Singh in 1899( son of Maharaja Jaswant Singh).By constructing this, He has given tribute to his father.

In Jaswant Thada, you will see old paintings of Mewar ruler. – Lakeside view, the lake present in jaswant thada inhance the beauty of this monument.

Lake has amazing sceneric view for relaxing.


Chamunda mataji temple has  great history behind origin, construction , artitectural work and more than that.Today, many royal families consider chamunda mataji as Isth Devi or kull Devi.

History of Chamunda Mata Temple

This idol of mataji was brought by Rao Jodha in 1460.Chamunda mataji has established before the origin of Mehrangarh.

During Indo-Pak war, pakistan has thrown many bomb in this area but no blast and casualties happened.

Devotees has strong believe  that this is due to presence of Chamunda Mataji. Later it became popular pilgrimage center for devotees.

TOORJI KA JHALRA(torjis step wall)

Toorji stepwall is situated in centre of Jodhpur,and backward to Ghanta Ghar. Toorji ka Jhalra was best place for swimming.

In the evening , people came here to enjoy swimming.The Height of Toorji step wall is 200 ft.

So what is the history behind the construction of the stepwell – Toorji Ka Jhalra ?

Toorji step wall was built by Maharaja Abhay Singh for his wife maharani Toorji in 1740. There is simple reason behind the construction of this monument, the reason is that they want save water for Drought period.

Toorji step wall was built by red sandstone stone. Interestingly, this place also very famous for relaxing and photography.Not only Indian , but many foreigners came here for the fun and enjoyment.


Balsamand lake is situated at Jodhpur-Mandore road.Balsamand lake was built by Balak Rao Parihar in year 1159.

In the centre of this lake, Balsamand palace is presented, which is used by royal families in summer to spend time.Today it work as Heritage Hotel.The length of Balsamand lake is 1 km.

Balsamand lake is famous for sizzling sunrise and sunset.when you visit Balsamand you see bunch of monkeys.

Inside Balsamand lake , beautiful Lotus are presented. Balsamand palace was built by red sandstone, in the royal Rajput design.

This Palace is best for spending time.The sceneric view of Sunrise and Sunset was worth watching.


Bishnoi and Guda village is situated in southern part of Jodhpur.This village is 25 km away from Jodhpur.

This village trip is best for Nature lover, Animal lover and for those who want to enjoy tribal life. Bishnoi and Guda village is famous for Deer, Black Deer and Kejri trees.

The people of this village worship as their god.

Guda Bishnoi lake, this is artificial lake, famous as picnic spot. In Guda Bishnoi village, you will also see Amrita Devi Bishnoi and Khejrali Sahid Samarak.

Do enjoy the famous Bishnoi Safari. This is one of most important activity to be done here !

Hope you liked our list of Jodhpur Tourist Places – Top 10 places to visit in Jodhpur | Jodhpur Tourism. Have you visited Jodhpur. Do share your experience!

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