Udaipur Tourism – Top 10 places to visit in Udaipur in 2021

Top 10 places to visit in Udaipur – Udaipur is a royal city in the state of Rajasthan. You can witness the city of lakes dwelling in its supremacy with the palaces and temples. This post is about Udaipur Tourism and the intended purpose of this post is to provide an overview of tourist places of Udaipur!

It has been referred to as the Venice of the east. The mesmerizing city is surrounded by the lovely Aravalli hills.

The whole location , the city of Udaipur, is just like a dream set up. The architecture will blow your mind away.

A boat ride in Lake Pichola will take you to fantasy land and make you feel like you are dreaming.

The beauty of the whole city is breathtaking. It is also locally called the jewel of Mewar.

The lake palace is a significant monument of the city. There are a few special places that you must not miss out on when visiting Udaipur.

Udaipur Tourism Places

So below are the list of 10 places which you should visit if you are planning to visit Udaipur!

Lake Pichola

This artificial lake is situated in the heart of the city of Udaipur is the heart beat of Udaipur Tourism. It is the oldest and the largest Lake in the city of Udaipur. There are hills in the surroundings making it a picturesque view.

There are many heritage buildings and ghats on the banks of the Lake in various directions. One can enjoy a boat ride in this magnificent Lake.

In the evening the whole water reflects the sun and seems to be made of molten gold.

The romance in you will be rekindled upon the sight of this view. The Lake was made in the year 1362 AD when Maharaja Lakha was the ruler.

Udaipur Tourism - Lake Pichola

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The lake is 3 miles long and 2 miles wide with a depth of 30 feet. The Lake Palace is situated right in the middle just like a jewel in a ring.

A dam is situated on one side of the Lake. On the eastern side is the beautiful City Palace of Udaipur while a little on the north to that is the Mohan Mandir.

City Palace of Udaipur

This Palace is situated overlooking Pichola Lake. It is noted to be the largest royal complex in the whole state of Rajasthan. In the year 1559, it was built by the ruler Maharana Uday Singh.

Udaipur Tourism - City Palace

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It was the place from the entire area was ruled under the Maharana’s era. Every successor enhanced the beauty of the Palace. there are numerous Mahals, Pavillions, courtyards, corridors, rooms, terraces, and also hanging gardens.

To showcase the rich culture and art work of the Rajputs there is a museum as well. There are colourful paintings all along with the palace. It gives you a peek into the royal lives of the Yester kings.

inner hall of city palace udaipur

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Fateh Sagar Lake

This lake covers an area of 54 square km being surrounded by the Aravalli hills is the second largest Lake in town. The calm atmosphere is sure to make you awestruck.

One can enjoy the view by a drive around the Lake on the Moti Magri road on the circumference. A few water sports have been introduced lately in the Lake apart from boating.

Fateh Sagar Lake - Udaipur Tourism

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There are 3 islands in the Lake. One has a Nehru park and a restaurant in the shape of a boat. There is also a small zoo for the kids, generally used as a picnic spot by families in the cool evenings.

The second island houses fountains, while the third one has a solar observatory.

Sajjangarh Palace

This palace sits on the top of a hill and overlooks the city. This palace served as the residence of the rulers of the Mewar dynasty. Originally made in the year 1884 by the Maharana Sajjan Singh.

Initially, it was designed to be nine story tall building that could second as an observatory. The purpose was to note the monsoon clouds, hence named the Monsoon Palace. But the early demise of the Maharana stopped the entire process.

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It was turned into a place for recreation by his successor Maharana Fateh Singh. This was a hunting lodge for the Mewars and their guests. The palace has high towers and turrets made of unique Rajput architecture. The palace has a unique way to use rainwater since its initial design.

Eklingji Temple

this is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated at 22 km on the north of Udaipur. The temple is a two-story building with a pyramid style roof.

Eklingji temple Udaipur

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The shiva lingam is about 50 feet high and has four faces of Lord Shiva made on it.

Vintage Car Museum

For those who would love to take a peek at the rides used by the Mewars there is a neat collection of the cars used by the Rajput rulers. It reflects their luxurious lifestyle.

Taj Lake Palace

It was earlier known as the Jag Niwas. It is in the pristine waters of Lake Pichola. One will feel that this palace is floating in the lake water.

It was originally the summer palace of the Mewar ruler Maharana Jagat Singh. Built in the year 1754, now in the year 1963, it has been converted into a five-star hotel.

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The guests can take a feel of the royal lifestyle and enjoy the traditional Rajasthani cuisine as well as European dishes.

Jaisamand Lake

this is the second largest man made lake of Asia around 100 square km. There is a Jaisamand Wildlife sanctuary having rare animals and migratory birds.

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There are a massive dam and a shiva temple to mark the uniqueness of this dam. There are three islands where the Bhil tribes reside.

This place is peaceful away from the hustle-bustle of the main city. An ideal place to enjoy nature and relax with family.

Jag Mandir Palace

It is on the southern island in Lake Pichola. The palace is made of yellow sandstone and marble, three-story high.

JagMandir Palace

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There are 8 life-size elephant figures that guard the palace made out of pure white marble piece.

Bada Mahal

This palace has a mix of Rajput as well as Mughal designs and architecture. It is an enormous building hence the name Bada. The palace is on a 90 feet high hilltop.

The lavish and exquisite gardens and balconies are sure to mesmerize everyone. The designs on each pillar are so intricate. The lush green gardens and fountain are a lovely sight.

Friends, the beauty of this place is unparalleled. This mesmerizing city of Udaipur is a dream and has everything to attract tourists from across the globe. No doubt that udaipur tourism is one of the most happening tourist circles in the country.

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