Kolar – 2 temples – one day – a weekend trip from Bangalore

Looking for a weekend trip from Bangalore ? Kolar always has a lot to offer.

In and around Kolar there are many places of religious and historical importance as well has there are places for adventure and trekking.

Recently we have undertaken a weekend trip from Bangalore towards kolar which was wonderful. Here are details.

There are 2 important temples in Kolar which I have been thinking of visiting them for quite some time.

These 2 temples are Kolaramma temple and Someshwara temple.

Both of these temples are very old and are built in south indian temple architecture. Because of their historical importance, these temples are also ASI protected.

Overall both the temples are nice to visit.

The road conditions are very good through out the way and if you are looking for a one day outing with your family and are interested in temples, these 2 are worth a visit.

Kolaramma temple:

This temple was built during Chola rule. Kolaramma is the presiding deity of Kolar. Goddess Durga is worshipped as goddess Kolaramma here.

Kolaramma temple - weekend trip from Bangalore
A granite slab with carving
Kolaramma temple - weekend trip from Bangalore
Entrance to Kolaramma temple

The carvings of the granite stones of this temple is worth noticing.

carvings on entrance of Kolaramma temple
Stone Carvings

Also, there is an underground hundi. And a small hole from where you can put a coin. It is a tradition to do that.

Though the temple premises itself is quite small.

But the temple is of great importance locally.

The idol of goddess Kolaramma is in a small room and devotees have to look at the idol through a mirror which is placed opposite to the temple.

Kolaramma temple premises
Temple premises

Someshwara Temple Kolar

Around 200 meters from Kolaramma temple is Someshwara temple. Another very old temple built during the Chola period.

This temple is also an excellent example of dravidian architecture.

The temple has a big gopuram which looks very majestic. The stone carvings on the gopuram is just fantastic.

Someshwara temple entrance - weekend trip from Bangalore
Main Gopuram of Someshwara temple.

As with many temple premises in south India, after entering the temple we see a “Dhwaja Stambh” in the front of temple.

Someshwara temple premises
Someshwara temple
Dhwaja Stambha

The main temple premises has Kalyan Mantappa and Vasantha Mantappa, apart from Mukha Mandap.

There are a lot of carvings on the pillar of temples. Various mythological characters are depicted along with animals like horses.

Somehswara temple
Pillar with stone carvings
carvings on someshwara temple
Pillars with stone carvings

How to reach Kolar?

Distance from Bangalore : Approx 70 Kms one way

Road conditions: Very good all along

Food: A lot on the way if you take national highway.

To reach Kolar, there are two routes which you can take if you are in Bangalore.

Route1: Take Old Madras Road = > Hoskote => Kolar

Route 2: Take Sarjapura Road => Sarjapura => Malur = > Kolar


Overall it is a good one day trip. If you take route 1, you are on national highway for most part of your journey and hence lot of food and stay options on the way.

If you take route 2, then you are mostly on state highway. Lot of trucks as this route passes through industrial area near Malur.

But roads a good on this route as well, though you will not find very good food options on the way till you touch NH.

You will see clear marking for Kolar. Once you leave NH and enter kolar city, both the temples are hardly 3 to 4 KMs from National Highyway and into the city.

Google maps works well and takes you to the exact location.

Parking near Kolaramma temple is sufficient, while Someshwara temple has limited parking space.

Best will be that you park your car near Kolaramma temple and walk down to someshwara temple (which is hardly 200 meters from Kolaramma temple)

Have a nice trip and enjoy your day! Do write back your comments.

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  1. Good temple. Many temples around Kolar. You can also plan for Kotilingeshwara temple, Bangaru Tirupathi etc.


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