Love trekking – Try Hullukudi Betta – Calm quite and serene!

Love trekking – Try Hullukudi Betta – Calm quite and serene! Weekend is coming up, have you made your plans yet. Let me take you today to a lesser known trekking option near Bangalore.

Hullukudi Betta ie. Hullukudi Hills, a calm, quite and serene place near Bangalore on Doddabalapur-Dobbaspet road.
This is one of the places we have covered few months back and it was winter season then. This can be a even tougher climb during summers!

Quick Facts:

Base Location: Bangalore
Distance: Approx 50Kms
Road Condition: Good
Parking: Available
Good for: Adventure, trekking (Kids below 10year of age will find this climb a bit difficult)
Note: Take special precaution in summer. Carry lot of water. Prefer wearing sports shoe.
Route: Bangalore -> Yelahanka NES -> Doddabalapur -> Hulukudi Betta

entrance to Hullukudi Betta

This place is gaining ground with armature trekkers as it offer a very good trekking opportunity. But this hill is also famous for small, but very old cave temple dedicated to Sri Veerabhadra swamy. There is also a some remains of an old fort.

climb to Hullukudi Hills

Hulukudi Hills

Hullukudi Betta

There is some history around this place which we read on internet and tried to ask people around. It is believed that Lord Shiva (lord veerbhadra) and Lord Narashimha had an argument on who will stay at this place. Later Lord Shiva took this place and he has been worshiped as Lord Veerabhadra since then. It is also believed that during February festive season a snake comes to this temple and sits around the legs of Lord Veerabhadra’s statue.

Hulukudi Betta Temple

Hulukudi Hills (51)

We came to know that the temple is more than a thousand year old and that there are 2 ways to reach the temple (or at the top of the hill). The other way is more steep and steps are not laid and hence a very difficult trek. He also mentioned that there is a huge Nandi statue on the way. But we used the steps to climb.

Some nice view from the top
Hulukudi Hills (26)

Hulukudi Hills (34)

Hulukudi Hills (35)

Hulukudi Hills (39)

Hulukudi Hills (58)

Hulukudi Hills (48)

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