Talkadu in pictures – one day trip from Bangalore to Talkadu

Weekend is around the corner and you must be thinking about where to go. Talkad (also called as Talakadu), a small town in the Mandya district of Karnatka, around 136 Kms from Bengaluru and 45 Kms from Mysore offers a good option. 

Talkadu is named after 2 brother “Tala” and “Kadu”.

There are 2 stones which represent these brothers and they are supposed to be placed in the front of Sri Veerabadra Swamy temple (One of the many temples in Talakadu)

But the most interesting fact about this place is, it is full of sand. It is actually a desert like area, almost 1000 acres next to river Caveri.

No one really knows from where the sand came. But there is an interesting legend which points to this. Infact there are more than 30 temples and a palace which all were buried below the sand.

Out of which 5 has been excavated. All these monument belong to Ganga Dynasity.

The legend of Talkadu – Why is Talakadu famous?

It is said that the desert like land here in Talkadu is because of the famous “The Curse of Talkad” or “Curse of Almelamma”

What is the curse of Almelamma?

It is said that in the year 1610, Raja Wadiyar, conquered Srirangapatna fort from Srirangaraya, then viceroy of Vijayanagar Empire. 

The viceroy then moved to Talakad. His wife, Alamelamma, also followed him. It is said that she carried with her a lot of jewels. Raja Wadiyar sent his soldiers to Talakadu.

Alamelamma assumed the king’s men had come to capture her and make her a slave. She tried to escape but found no way to escape.

She jumped into Malangi River. Before drowning into the river she cursed – “Talakadu managali, Malangi madwagali, Mysooru arasarige makkalu aagadirali”. Which means “May Malangi turn into an unfathomed whirlpool, Talakad turn into a barren expanse of sand and the Rajas of Wadiyar not beget male heir”.

It is said that the curse still holds true. Talakad is desert like and no one knows from where the sand has come.

There are 5 temples which you can visit. Not very far from each other, but you have to walk in sand from one temple to another.

Though government has covered the walkway and hence it’s in shade.

Be aware of monkeys though. Lot’s of them around. First temple is on the right hand side of the parking lot and then you go around, after the last temple you come back to the parking lot.

If you are very much interested in knowing history hire a guide. But negotiate the price. They generally quote 30 to 40% higher.

Once you are done, head towards Kaveri river. The river bank is a nice sand beach. You can have a nice bath and coracle ride there.

So check Talakadu out, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the pictures below.

It’s sand and monkeys everywhere.

talkadu - desert
desert in talakadu
talkadu desert

Which are the 5 temples in Talakadu?

The five must visit temples are

  • Sri Vaidhyanatheshwar,
  • Sri Maruleshwar,
  • Sri Pathaleshwar,
  • Sri Arkeshwar and
  • Sri Mallikarjuna.

Sri Vaidyeshvara temple

Sri Vaidyeshvara temple
Sri Vaidyeshvara temple

Pathaleshwara and Maraleshwara temples

Pathaleshwara and Maraleshwara temples
Pathaleshwara and Maraleshwara temples
Pathaleshwara and Maraleshwara temples

The Vishnu temple

Vishnu temple talkadu
Vishnu temple talakadu
Vishnu temple talakadu
Vishnu temple talakadu

Friends, hope you will like this place. Do visit this place when you find time.

How to reach Talakadu from Bangalore?

  • Talkadu is near to Bangalore and Mysore.
  • From Bangalore it will be around 135 Kms and will take around 3 and half hours. You need to tarvel via Mysore road.
  • And it is around 50 Kms from Bangalore – 1 hr 5 min (48.8 km) via Mysore – Kollegal Rd/Mysore – Trichy Rd/T Narsipura Rd

What is the best time to visit Talakadu?

Talkadu is amazing. It is like a desert popping out of no where.

But being sand and you need to walk on sand, it becomes a bit difficult during summers. As it is hot and difficult to walk.

Winters are best to visit Talakadu. From my perspecitve August to February are best to visit Talakadu.

Which railway station is near to Talakadu?

Mysore is the nearest railway station to Talakadu ( or Talkad as it is also known as ).

It is approx 50 Kms and there are regular taxis available. You can also take public transport from there. Rgular buses ply from Mysore to Talkad.

How many km for Talakadu from Shivasamudram ?

  • 24 Kms from Bangalore
  • It is a 40 minute drive from Shivasamudram to Talakadu

Have a look at Leepakshi as well.

FAQ – Bangalore to Talkadu

Can we take bath in Talakadu?

A dip in the Cauvery at Talakadu has long been regarded as sacred, if not refreshing. You can also take a crocale ride which is quite popular here.

Which river flows in Talakadu?

Talkadu is at situated at the banks of Kaveri.

What is the mystery of Talakadu?

According to legend, Talakad was swept away by sand dunes after it was cursed by Alamelamma. It is famously known as “The Curse of Talkad” or “Curse of Almelamma”

Which is the mini desert in Karnataka?

Located 130 km away from the city of Bangalore and 50 km from the city of Mysore, Talakadu is a desert on the banks of river Cauvery. It is known as the mini desert in Karnataka.

Who founded Talakadu Temple?

Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana
According to the art historian Adam Hardy, the Kirtinarayana temple (also spelt Keertinarayana) was built in 1117 A.D. by the famous Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana to celebrate his victory over the Cholas in the battle of Talakad.

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