Leepakshi – Just awesome!

Leepakshi – Just awesome!. Friends, you have one day in hand and wondering where to go. Let me start with this well known and amazing place situated in Andra Pradesh and not very far from Bengaluru, the IT Capital of India.

Approximately 120 Kms from Bengaluru a day trip to Leepakshi is well spent.

Leepakshi – Just awesome!

Just one word describes this place – awesome! and there is a reason to be amazed. Leepakshi has three temples and they are a wonderful example of Vijayanagara style of architecture.

It is both a tourist place and a religious place as well. People also know this place as Veerbhadra temple. The architecture of this temple is incredible.

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At the entrance of the main temple area, you are greeted with a huge statue of Nandi , the mythological bull.


There is a lot of history behind Leepakshi and is left for you to explore.

A lot is available on internet. My aim was to let you know that there exists such an amazing place near to Bangalore.

Though its quite far from Hyderabad/Chennai, I met lot of people from these places. It is very well placed on Andhra tourism map.

Veerabhadra temple at Leepakshi

There is another interesting thing about Veerabhadra temple, There are 70 stone pillars, among these 70, there is one that hangs from the ceiling.

The base of the pillar barely touches the ground and is possible to pass objects such as a thin sheet of paper or a piece of cloth from one side to the other.

I would say it is an engineering marvel!

Directions to Leepakshi

For people living in/Visiting Bangalore, this place can be reached easily by Car/Cab.
Yelahanka – Devanahalli – Chikkaballapur – Bagepalli – Leepakshi

Parking is a problem there. Hence reach early morning. Also during summer it is very hot and hence becomes difficult to walk on the stone platform. So just be a bit careful during summer times.

All said, this is a must visit if you are in this part of country. Enjoy some more snaps below!


Guys, Leepakshi is a must visit place around Bangalore. So what are you waiting for? Plan this out over this weekend!


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