Wonderla Amusement Park – A day full of thrill and fun

Amusement parks are built to thrill. Gravity defying turns and dangerous drops but it’s all fun and games. WonderLa is an amusement park and a water park as well. Welcome to Wonderla Amusement Park guys

Before I share my experience, as with all my posts here is quick info.

Quick Info about Wonderla Amusement Park

Distance from Bangalore : Approx 40 Kms one way
Travel time: 2 hrs approx
Road conditions: Very good
Food options: Many on the way and in the amusement park
What to see/do: Amusement park / Water park
Route: Bangalore -> Mysore Road -> Wonderla
Charges: please visit wonderla website for current charges.

Me and my family started from our house at 7:30 a.m and reached at almost 10:30 a.m. Our tickets cost around 1300rs (my ticket cost 830 as I’m a tenth grade student) and we were allowed into the park at 11 a.m. As we entered the park and took a look at the map I just had one word to say “cool!”.

What to see at Wonderla Amusement Park

We first head over to the laser show where they had water being shot up wards by small jets. This may not sound as good it is, but there were lasers through the water which made an awesome effect.

Wonderla Amusement Park

After the show we went over to the crazy car. Crazy car 2 was for men. The waiting time was almost 30 mins and the ride lasted only for about 2 mins. The Crazy car ride (as the name suggests) is 2 mins of total madness. Bumping Into each other and zooming around on the concrete floor is really good.

After the Crazy car we decided to explore the area a bit. There was a carousel and a small ship that went like a pendulum. (This ride is for small kids).

Crazy Wagon @ Wonderla Amusement Park

Next we went over to Crazy Wagon and (I went to) WonderLa Bamba Crazy wagon was a normal ride in which a wagon was attached to a structure similar to a windmill. This wagon went up into the air and again came down just like a windmill blade. So if you want to figure out how does it feel to be a windmill blade take a ride in the Crazy Wagon.

Wonderla Amusement Park

WonderLa Bamba was similar to the Crazy wagon but was pretty small . The Bamba starts out just like the Crazy wagon but in the middle it starts moving really fast(it is a high thrill ride). This does have a long waiting line of wait time of appx. 45 mins.

Termite Coaster @ Wonderla Amusement Park

we also went to the termite coaster which turned out to be kind of boring. In the same structure there is a termite train. The entrance is not good because people try to get in and out from the same way which make a mess, the lines are pretty long and some time you may have to wait for half an hour.

Wonderla Amusement Park

Next I decided to go to all adult rides. So I went to techno jump. This ride spins real fast with your seats going up and down. The best thing about this ride is that you are going backwards. To get to this ride, you need to take stairs which are right next to Funky Monkey (Free-Fall ride for kids with an appx. Height of 4 meters.)

Drop Zone

Then I went to Drop Zone, I really liked this ride as it took you up in the air slowly and then suddenly let you fall down. Drop Zone hoists you up to a dizzying height of 17 meters, and then just let’s go!

Flash Tower

I also went to the Flash Tower, it is also a free-fall ride but it is taller than the drop zone. Flash tower is a shoot up and drop down tower over 40 meters tall. Now in terms of science I found out that the ride has an acceleration of – 1.2G while going up and 3G while coming down.


We then head over to Maverick. This ride that doesn’t go by the rules. It turns. It twists. It tilts. It swivels. It turns you upside down and every which way possible. It defies its own rules of motion and momentum and yeah Gravity.

But that’s not enough. If you survived the Maverick then survive the Yscream. This ride pushes anyone to his or her limits with insanity.(FAIR WARNING DONOT RIDE THIS RIGHT AFTER EATING) this ride looks charming but it is not! This ride is bow-like structure from a height of 20 meters.

Water rides @ Wonderla Amusement Park

Then we decide to change and get ready to to enter the water rides. We spent most of our time in the Wave pool, Vertical Fall and Wavy fall.

You might also want to ride the twisters.

After the twister we went to lazy river the lazy river, as name suggests, is a really relaxing ride. The staff gives you these tubes in which you can sit and move about in the pool.

After these rides we went over to the Wonder Splash where we were sitting in a small train which sped down into water splashing it.

Then we changed and ate some food. Dome Plaza: This is the place you can get some food. Here you will also lockers, changing rooms and toilets.

As we were almost ending our journey I decided to go to the equinox where the rides spins you while moving like a pendulum. Now science again (I was using my father’s phone for info on rides) the ring is 5ft in diameter, at peak the ride swings at 70kmph(or 43mph) and riders are upside down at 16 ft in air

The Recoil was my last ride. This ride was India’s first “Reverse Looping Rollercoaster” This coaster hits 80kmph in 1 second and has those ramps 40 ft high. This thing goes reverse in those loops which gives a thrilling experience.

At last we saw a 7D movie and then finished our journey. There is a mistake in the banner… it’s written 3D MOVIE but don’t turn your back on it it is a 7D movie. The 7D glasses are not so good though.

This was my experience and I loved WonderLa. All the technical info I have mentioned was from wonderla.com WonderLa was a really amazing experience and anyone who wants to experience thrill, wants madness and some insane rides should visit WonderLa, At least once.

Wonderla Amusement Park

Have fun!

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