Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir & Pyramid Valley International – Kanakpura Road, Bangalore

Was looking for a half a day weekend outing with kids and headed for Kanakpura road this time. There are 2 beautiful places which you can visit here. There are few others if you plan to spend a whole day out. The trip we wanted was more of a half a day trip. I am talking about Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir & Pearl Valley International.

Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir & Pearl Valley International, both are quite a cool place for kids. Before I talk about our itinerary, let me quickly tell you about these 2 locations.

Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir , Kanakpura Road

Trimurti temple as name suggests it a temple dedicated to three gods, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha.

Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir

It is a fairly new temple, but the temple has a nice lawn around it and that is what it makes it a wonderful place to go there with kids.

Kids will enjoy a lot, running around. There are some man made structures of animals in the lawn which also adds to fun.

Trimurti temple

The temple is not very far from Bangalore. Will be around 25Kms from city center.

As soon as you hit Kanakpura road, you will find this temple on the left hand side just after Sri Sri Ravishankar Asharam.

There is a sufficient parking space in front of temple. There is a nice coffee day before that and a factory outlet if you are interested.

Pyramid Valley International

Then this is another interesting place you will find as you go further. It will take another 35 mins from Trimurti temple to reach Pyramid Valley International.

Pyramid Valley International

Pyramid Valley International is a meditation center and is visited by a lot of people. It has a very big yoga and meditation center and a big lawn , restaurant and lot of natural beauty.

It is a photographers paradise.

Out trip details to Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir & Pyramid Valley International

So since our plan was more of a half a day trip, we started late a bit.

Our plan was to start by 9 to 9.30 AM, but by the time we started it was already 10.00 AM. We came through silk board and took nice road toward Kanakapura. Traffic on Hosur road was more than expected and hence took some time to hit NICE road.

Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir / Trimurti Temple

Toll for Kanakpura exit is Rs 70 and that is for one time. There is no return, you need to take ticket each time. Better to have fastag.

We reached Coffeday before the Factory outlet by 10.45. Had a nice Coffee and then headed towards Trimurti Temple ( Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir ) . It is hardly 5 mins from there, just after Sri Sri Ravishankar ashram.

Parked the car outside. There is very good parking space as you can see.

Spend around 45 mins there. We were mostly sitting in the lawn with kids having fun time, running around. There were around 10 families when we visited.

It was some good time spent there.

Next we wanted to get some lunch before we go to Pyramid Valley International. It is around 35 mins drive from Trimurti Temple ( Trimurti Adhyatma Mandir ) .

As I mentioned before, there are some good restaurants on this road. You can try one based on your choice. In today’s scenario I would not recommend one. You check them and use your best judgement.

Best to avoid ones where you see good rush. Many times it is quite easy to figure out. But there are many good ones on this road. So you will not have difficulty for lunch.

We were done with our lunch by 2.00 and started towards Pyramid Valley. Remember these days its open only till 4.00 PM. But it I heard that before lockdown the timings were till 8.00 PM.

So make sure that you know about this. Weekends you will find some good rush as well. The place is a natural beauty and photographers paradise.

We reached there by 2.30. It took only 30 mins after our lunch to reach there. The parking fee is Rs 20. There is enough parking there. After that once you come out of the parking, you will find location map.

Pyramid Valley International

Do have a look at it. It will tell you what are the various options there. Once you start walking you will see a water body on left hand side and light meditational music which is played across the property.

All this has a very calming affect. The place is well marked and you will easily find our way to the Pyramid. It is a huge pyramid.

Pyramid Valley International is inspired by the fact that it is very beneficial to have a meditation center based on Pyramid architecture.

Hence Pyramid Valley International structure is huge. The base is around 25000 sq ft. The pyramid is on 2 levels. Once you go to first floor, you will find a dark , very quite room where there will be people meditating.

Before the Pyramid structure, you will be welcomed by a huge Buddha statue.

There are lot of yoga and meditation activities in Pyramid Valley and also there is a cafeteria where you can have some food.

The lawn in the property is quite big and a fun for kids to run around.

Over all it is a very nice place to visit. If you are a photographer in love with nature you are definitely going to like this place.

The ambience of this place is just amazing. The calmness it has on mind is unmatched. So I suggest that you should visit this place once if you are in Bengaluru.

We spent close to one and half hours there and we started out by 4.00. It was a nice trip altogether.

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