Weekend getaway from Bangalore – Pearl Valley Anekal

If you are the one who loves driving through nature, if you are the one who loves greenery around and if you are looking for a perfect one day getaway from Bangalore, this weekend getaway from Bangalore – Pearl Valley, Anekal is one the best place for you to visit during this rainy season.

This place is know as MuthyalaMaduvu or the Pearl Valley and is one of the popular tourist destinations around Bangalore.

Pearl Valley Anekal

Anekal is a town around 40Kms from Bangalore and Pearly Valley is situated at around 5kms from Anekal, this beautiful place in the lap of nature remains green throughout the year. But during rainy season, its worth a visit.

You can go anytime during the day, but my suggestion is to start early as the morning fresh air feeling is just wonderful, but the main reason why I want you guys to go early is to avoid afternoon and evening rush.

The route to this place is quite straight: Bangalore ->Attibele->Anekal->pearl valley.

Just put the maps and it will take you straight to this place.

Ok, why it is called as pearl valley. this reason being, there is a small stream of fountain which falls from a height and when it falls on the rock, it splashes like a pearl.

That is why it has got this name. So now it all depends upon what time of year you visit this place.

When we visited the water was not much so could not see these pearls, but nevertheless this place is a worth visit.

Weekend getaway from Bangalore - Pearl Valley Anekal

We started a bit early and whether was really good.

The route we took was bangalore to attibele to anekal and then to pearl valley.

The drive was wonderful. There were lot of fields with flower specially marigold flowers. Which looked just wonderful.

We stopped to take some photographs.

Weekend getaway from Bangalore - Pearl Valley Anekal

Remember that after you have crossed Anekal town, after around 4Kms there is a right turn which you need to take.

This turn is just before a petrol pump. If you miss this turn then google will reroute to another option which will be 6Kms more.

So do not miss this turn. There is no marking. So you have to keep a watch on the map and odometer.

After you take right you have to cross couple of villages.

There is lots of greenery around. Basically its a hilly area. You have to travel around 1.5kms on this road and you will reach KSTDC Maurya hotel.

In front of hotel there is a lake. You have to park your car in the hotel parking.

lake in front of the kstdc hotel

You need to pay a toll of Rs30 before entering this area and then a parking fee of Rs20 at the KSTDC hotel.

Once you have parked the car, you have to take the steps down to reach to the spot. These steps are not much.

Approx 250 steps. While going down is fine, climbing up can be a challenge. Specifically on sunny days.

Once you reach down, you will see this cute little waterfall and also a small shiva temple, which tough very small is a old one.

Weekend getaway from Bangalore - Pearl Valley Anekal
Weekend getaway from Bangalore - Pearl Valley Anekal
Weekend getaway from Bangalore - Pearl Valley Anekal

One thing to note is that there are a lot of monkeys around and they snatch any food items and many times bag you are carrying.

So be a bit careful. Do not carry any food items down on the steps.

You can easily spend around 1 hour down and then climb back up.

There is nothing much to do when you are down near the fountain.

You can put your feet in water and relax. Pay visit to Lord Shiva and then climb back.

I found this place quite good, but its just that it becomes crowded over the weekend.

It is a good place to visit with family. Kids will definitely enjoy it. KSTD Maurya hotel has good food options. You can have a nice lunch there.

Do visit this place in your next weekend. I am sure you gonna like it!

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