Lazy Weekend – Head to Thimmarayaswamy Fort Temple near Electronics City

Many a times there are some beautiful locations around us and we tend to miss it. Thimmarayaswamy Fort Temple is one of them. A very beautiful and ancient temple on a small hill top just behind electronics city.

There is a small village called as Bettadasanapura near electronics city. This temple is located on the hilltop in this village.

It is a low lying granite hill and hence offers a excellent platform for people to sit and enjoy the view around.

There has been lot of development around this village now, hence a lot of traffic on the road leading to this village as this road also connects to Bannerghatta road. But this I would say can make a good 1 day outing for you that you start from your home early morning and visit this temple and head to Bannerghatta zoo.

Anyway coming to temple itself. It is aid that this temple is more than 500 years old , but not much history I could find on internet.

But it can be a very good outing for family and friends.

This small hill fort, infact very small hosts this fort temple. The temple is dedicated to Thimmarayaswamy who is lord Vishnu. Also there is a Kashi Vishwanath temple next to this temple.

There is a small Kalyani also in the temple premises.

But some times the state of these places really makes m sad. This place though a very popular one around this area, can be a super hit place for us living in Bangalore for a half a day outing. It has almost everything. A nice hill top, 2 beautiful temples, ample parking, a small kalyani and good view of city around.

But this place is not very well maintained, with people throwing plastic bottles, glass bottles and plastic wrappers around.

Few points to note. Visit during early morning or late evening. It’s wonderful over there. Put google maps and then the time it shows, add 30 mins to that and then plan accordingly.

At this moment there is some road constructions going on, so many places there are lots of dust and slow moving traffic. So plan accordingly.

On the hilltop, the granite becomes slippery during rainy season. This can be dangerous. Take care specially if you have kids with you. Kids tend to climb on boulders. So you should be very careful with them.

Over all as I told friends this can be a good morning or evening outing if you are in Electronics city and good half a day trip for people living in other parts of Bangalore.

Enjoy your day!

Have a good time!


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